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Cruise Classic ‘Top Gun’ Now a New iPhone Game

Are you ready to engage in high-flying combat action and protecting American aircraft carriers from Russian attacks? Now Pete Mitchell/Maverick, the character Tom Cruise played in the blockbuster hit ‘Top Gun’, comes to life in…your iPhone! Check out the new Top Gun game for the iPhone from game company Freeverse. The game takes place a few years after the movie, where you’re attending the U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School…

April 10, 2009

New Top Gun Game for the Apple iPad

From the Official Blog: Have you got an iPad yet? If so (or if you’re planning to get one as soon they restock!), why not have a go at the new Top Gun iPad game, based on the Tom Cruise movie? Paramount Digital Entertainment and Freeverse released a press release announcing the Top Gun App for iPad in the App Store, which expands the arcade shooter game beyond the iPhone version of the game. In fact, the Top Gun game for…

April 9, 2010

Top Gun Blu-Ray 25th Anniversary Edition Set for Release August 30, 2011!

    You don’t need a pilot’s vision to see the highway to the danger zone, with the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun getting a special Blu-Ray release for the 25th anniversary of the 1980s classic. The latest revamp for the anniversary celebration of the iconic film depicting the lives of United States Naval Aviators is primed to hit stores on August 30th, 2011 ‘Top Gun’ put the afterburners on Tom’s career, launching him into the…

August 29, 2011

Top Gun 2 Video Game Released for iPhone and iPod Touch, Available Now!

Tom Cruise fans seeking an onramp for a highway to the danger zone, you’re in luck: the Top Gun 2 video game has hit the iTunes store! The arcade-style shooting game – released as an app on August 19 by Paramount – continues the exploits of “Maverick” through dogfighting missions on your iPhone or iPod touch. Based on the classic Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun 2 brings you the excitement of naval aviation in a combat zo…

September 2, 2010

VIDEO: Top Gun Returns To Theaters With 25th Anniversary Screenings!

While the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun easily ranks among the perennial fan favorites from his filmography, many of Tom’s fans never had the chance to see the Naval fighter pilot epic on the big screen. That’s about to change! AMC Theatres in the United States is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Top Gun with an exclusive screening on April 30 and May 2, bringing the excitement of the screaming jets and mach-speed dogfights to their p…

April 11, 2011

Yahoo! Rates The Top 5 Tom Cruise Films

The editors at Yahoo! have looked into the Tom Cruise filmography to choose their picks for the actor’s Top 5 movies – with some of the picks that may surprise and delight cinema fans. Sure, obvious classics are represented. A certain iconic film about the trials and tribulations of U.S. Naval aviators is included. Thankfully, some of the criminally undermentioned films in Tom’s filmography are shown some love. With so many aw…

March 15, 2011

Epic ‘Top Gun’ Fan Mashup!

Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise – ‘Top Gun’ publicity still. One of the awesome Tom Cruise fans in our community pointed out this epic ‘Top Gun’ mashup reel to us and we wanted to share it with you…its a 3mins 45secs ‘Top Gun’ thrill ride of melancholy, dog-fighting, Righteous Brothers sing-along, romance, intensity and REALLY makes us hungry to see ‘Top Gun’ again! Search ‘Top G…

June 22, 2013

Happy Halloween! We’re Featuring Your Favorite Tom Cruise Character Halloween Costumes!

Donal Troddyn runs a marathon in a very inventive Top Gun Halloween Costume! BOOOOOOO! Happy Halloween Everyone!!! This is the scary and fun time of the year when we see so many of you guys grab a character from a Tom Cruise movie for your Halloween costume! (And it appears that the ‘Risky Business’ costumer by far, is your fav, see below, from Google Trends…. We usually see a WHOLE LOTTA’ Risky Business costumes, follow…

October 30, 2012

Tom Cruise Talks About The Research and Training That Went Into Top Gun and His Portrayal of “Maverick”

There’s a lot of research and hard work that goes into creating a movie character as unforgettable as U.S. Navy Pilot Maverick from the 1986 classic film “Top Gun”. In the following video clip, Tom shares insights about the research that went into creating the memorable role and the little technical glitch that occurred while in a training flight with the Navy’s Blue Angels. Thanks @Roxy_MC for suggesting the clip to us, nos gusto mucho! Top G…

October 10, 2011

Top Gun Cameo Commands U.S. Military in Pacific

synopsis, and pictures from ‘Top Gun,’ or watch a video clip at the Tom Cruise movie timeline. Related Military Facts: The fictional MiG-28 aircraft are really Northrop F-5E and F Tiger IIs, which were used by the Top Gun school as aggressor aircraft….

October 21, 2009