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Top Gun Blu-Ray 25th Anniversary Edition Set for Release August 30, 2011!

    You don’t need a pilot’s vision to see the highway to the danger zone, with the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun getting a special Blu-Ray release for the 25th anniversary of the 1980s classic. The latest revamp for the anniversary celebration of the iconic film depicting the lives of United States Naval Aviators is primed to hit stores on August 30th, 2011 ‘Top Gun’ put the afterburners on Tom’s career, launching him into the…

August 29, 2011

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Co-Star Jeremy Renner Nominated For Oscar!

The production of the latest Tom Cruise movie, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, just got some fantastic news: co-star Jeremy Renner is nominated for an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor! Renner received his second Oscar nod for his performance as a malevolent bank robber in 2010′s The Town. The nomination came as a surprise to the actor, according to Entertainment Weekly, following his first nomination for Best Actor in Lead Role…

January 26, 2011

Minority Report Technology Made Real With Google Robot Cars!

The Tom Cruise movie Minority Report predicted a ton of new technology, but one of the most useful had to be the self-driving cars that whirled around director Steven Spielberg’s vision of the future. Well, the future is now! Technology giant Google unveiled findings from tests using self-driving robot cars and have gone pretty far with little to no driver control: over 140,000 miles. Imagine riding around in a plush car as it drove itsel…

October 14, 2010

Access Hollywood ranks the Top 10 Tom Cruise Scenes!

s above a pressure sensitive floor in order to avoid capture as he breaks into CIA headquarters in Langley, Virgina! With the fourth installment of the series heading into production, it’s safe to say this type of scene is something fans can’t get enough of. 4. “Show Me The Money!” from Jerry Maguire For his performance as the on-the-edge sports agent, Tom received one of his two Oscar nominations for best actor in a lead…

August 4, 2010

Pittsburgh Pirates Center Fielder Andrew McCutchen & His Tom Cruise Impersonations

17;s nothin’ better than a great athlete with a sense of humor.  Get ready to roll on the floor with laughter! This was all done in good fun in collabroation with the Major League Baseball Fan Cave website.  Their site is all about exclusive access to MLB stars, Hollywood celebs and musicians for the fans, from the fans.  Check it out.  And be like Clutch and be sure to get inspired by joining the millions around the world who have been ch…

December 27, 2012

Minority Report Technology Is Here: Hands-free touch-screens are a reality

Tom Cruise as John Anderton in Minority Report With the tech explosion over the last 10 years, it seems a day doesn’t go by without #TeamTC hearing about some new “Minority Report” like technology and today is no exception!   It seems Bristol researchers have debuted touch-screen computers that you don’t actually have to touch! Original Article Source: Independent It goes by the decidedly unsexy name ‘ultrahaptics’,…

October 10, 2013

The 2010 Tom Cruise Movie Character Halloween Costume Pic Contest!

nd win great prizes. Whether you’re looking to show off aviator spirit with a Top Gun costume, sliding across floors in your socks with a Risky Business costume, or bellowing outrageously in a Les Grossman costume, this is your chance to share your creations with a chance to win great prizes. Visit the contest site to ENTER NOW. Getting into the action is easy. Take a picture of yourself dressed up in your costume. Register at the official…

October 18, 2010

EXCLUSIVE TOM CRUISE WALLPAPER: Download The Mission Impossible III Desktop Background

Cinema fans the world over continue to anxiously await the impending Tom Cruise movie, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but even the most patient fans need a little taste of action once in awhile. The team at isn’t made from stone – we’re right there with you – so we’re giving you a little gift this week to wet the whistle: a Tom Cruise wallpaper straight from Mission Impossible III! It’s all

January 20, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Knight and Day Premiere in Tokyo with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz!

日本ではトムクルーズのファン:あなたは最高です! With Tom arriving in Tokyo for the premiere of Knight and Day with co-star Cameron Diaz, we got to see the passion of Japanese cinema lovers for ourselves! Team was on the ground getting exclusive coverage of the event, including the thousands of fans lined up to meet Tom. The greeting was overwhelming! Judging from the reaction to Tom …

September 29, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Knight and Day Premiere in Tokyo with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz!

Let us guide you through the event as we saw it. For fans of Knight and Day, Tom Cruise, and Cameron Diaz – there’s only way to have gotten closer, being there yourself. A quick note: the team at is still on the lookout for fan photos, videos and blogs. For any of the fans at the Japanese premiere of Knight and Day, feel free to message us in the comments section below to links of your experience. We’re happy t…

September 29, 2010