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S’wounds! Did Shakespeare Write Your Favorite Movie?

The Globe Theatre on the South Bank of London. Recently, Tom made a surprise visit to The Globe Theatre in London to see William Shakespeare’s “Richard III.”  He was taking a break from filming his upcoming Warner Brothers Sci-Fi action film, ‘All You Need Is Kill.‘  The experience was so awesome, it prompted Tom to declare, “I love theatre.” So it got us to thinking: Who is this Shakespeare guy and how…

September 10, 2012

Knight and Day DVD Release Date Is Here…Tomorrow! Pre-Order Today!

The Tom Cruise action comedy Knight and Day DVD release date is set for tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 30! Movie fans are hours away from catch the globe trotting action of Tom and Cameron Diaz on DVD and Blu-Ray! You can pre-order now on Amazon here! For all the fans of the action and  comedy who missed Tom and Cameron’s race around the the world from the seats in a theater, here’s your chance to catch up on a story the world has loved!…

November 29, 2010

Today is the 14 Year Anniversary of ‘Magnolia’

Magnolia Today, Dec. 17th 2013, we celebrate the 14 year anniversary of ‘Magnolia!’ Search ‘Magnolia’ on Buy or watch ‘Magnolia’ on From Wikipedia… The film opens with a narrator asking to consider the meaning of three urban legends and the role of chance in life. Police officer Jim Kurring is sent to investigate a disturbance and finds a body but is unable to apprehend a suspect…

December 17, 2013

The Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection Trivia Challenge Continues With ‘Collateral’

We have a winner! Game over, all entries are CLOSED! Congratulations to user ‘Blazingorchidlv’ who entered the correct answer FIRST! We will be contacting you to give you your ‘Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection’ For all of you who are curious about the correct answer to our Trivia Challenge question below, here it is! Q: What is Max’s favorite vacation destination and how often does he go? A:Max’s favorite vacation destin…

November 16, 2011

We Asked: “What Is Your Favorite Action Movie And Why?”

sfying than high-tech gadgets and sappy endings. Other community members loved fast-paced fight scenes and dramatic visual effects. Don’t we all! Most everyone agreed that their favorite part of watching an action movie is to sit back and enjoy the ride. For the team here at, it’s often that we find ourselves with a need…A need for speed Without further delay, here are some of the films that keep YOU on the edge

July 11, 2011

Top 10 Tom Cruise Movies from

lls regarding Tom’s body of work, and plucked out ten of their favorite films for fans to feast their eyes on. Some are among Tom’s more recent work, while others are classics. What these movies all have in common is the connection Tom makes with audiences through his love of filmmaking. It’s what makes the movies and performances unforgettable. So take a moment to look through the list below. One of your favorite Tom Cruise mov…

September 7, 2010

Jerry Maguire Kid Kick’s Butt, MMA And A Few Choice Movie Fight Scenes!

charitable efforts for Breast Cancer Research.) So what does the recently turned 22-year old blond haired actor have in common with great fights in the movies?  Read on, film fan.  Read on! Jonathan Lipnicki in 2011 Jonathan is still acting and you can watch him in the hilarious (and a little risqué) web series, ‘MotherLover.‘ But a recent article on the sports web site ESPN online caught our eye. Jonathan recounts a meeting earlier…

October 25, 2012

Google Celebrates “Star Trek: The Original Series” 46th Anniversary with Interactive Doodle

To Boldly Go Where No Man (Or Woman) Has Gone Before! Google Celebrate’s Star Trek’s 46th Anniversary! The team at are HUGE Sci-fi fans (especially while Tom is working on ‘OBLIVION‘ and ‘ALL YOU NEED IS KILL‘!). So we’re thrilled to discover today GOOGLE is honoring the 46th anniversary of the classic TV show, “STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES” with a super cool multi-screen inte…

September 7, 2012

Mission Impossible 5 Director Christopher McQuarrie’s #MI5Diary

…e experience, including… #MI5Diary production and behind-the-scenes updates! #MI5Diary cast and crew announcements! EXCLUSIVE, first time  #MI5Diary announcements TBD! We’ll be posting all #MI5Diary updates here of course, but be sure to FOLLOW CHRIS for direct Mission Impossible 5 updates here: @ChrisMcQuarrie. MI5 won’t be the first time Chris and Tom have worked their magic together,  search for previous Chris…

October 22, 2013