Tom Cruise Orkut Welcome! Worldwide Fans Share Favorite Tom Movies

TC orkut page

Last week, the team at excitedly launched the official Tom Cruise Orkut page, and the response was electrifying! Thousands of movie and Tom Cruise fans poured in from around the globe to welcome Tom and the team to the Orkut social network.

We’re so happy to join you on Orkut!

Again, it was the major contingent of movie fans from Brasil who caught our eye with their heartfelt welcome. Obrigado, Brasil! Tom always gets tons of love from you, so we’re happy to talk with you all on your favorite social network.

Here’s a smattering of the sweet welcome messages the Tom Cruise Orkut page got in the first few days online:



The conversation kicked off immediately on Orkut, with a discussion of movie fans on their favorite Tom Cruise movie from the actor’s prolific filmography. Take a look below at some of the fans on Orkut weighing in on their favorite from the list of Tom Cruise films:


Thanks again to everyone on Orkut – from Brasil and throughout the rest of the world! We love all of you and can’t wait to keep the conversation going on everything you love about the movies.

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Also, for all the fans in Brasil and around the world who want to stay in touch even closer, we suggest you join up with other movie fans on the official Tom Twitter and Facebook pages. In addition to Orkut, you can find continued news and talk about the magical world of movies. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you all there! :)