Spot the Anomalies Movie Ticket Giveaway! War of the Worlds


*CONTEST OVER* – Click here to view the results!

Tom loves his fans, so he enables the team at to give back to his fans every now and then with fun movie-related giveaways – and this is one of ‘em!

HOW TO PLAY: Be the first person to find and post ALL the anomalies found in the War of the Worlds picture above at Facebook or Twitter to have four (4) tickets available for you at the theater of your choice to watch the new Simon Pegg movie,  Paul, courtesy of the team at

One quick rule: since Paul is opening in the U.S. today, this giveaway is available to United State residents only and providing tickets is contingent upon the availability for electronic ticketing through this weekend.

Simon Pegg (@SimonPegg) is Tom Cruise’s co-star from Mission: Impossible III and reprises his role as IMF technical genius Benji Dunn in the forthcoming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. His new movie, the science-fiction comedy Paul hits theaters in the United States today. In celebration of the launch of his new endeavor, the team at thought a Friday treat would be this fun contest harkening back to a science fiction movie from the Tom Cruise filmography.

Taken from the Tom Cruise movie War of the Worlds directed by Steven Spielberg, the team has placed anomalies in the above still taken from the invasion thriller. Find them all first to receive the tickets for Paul!

Check out War of the Worlds and Mission: Impossible III in the Tom Cruise filmography.

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