Spot the Anomalies Movie Ticket Giveaway! War of the Worlds – Results!


Tom loves his fans, so he enables the team at to give back to his fans every now and then with fun movie-related giveaways – and this is one of ‘em!

We challenged you to be the first to find and post the anomalies differing from the film scene in the picture above and you responded in DROVES!!!

We thought the effort from everyone was outstanding! Your ingenuity was truly impressive!

SO! What were the correct answers and who won?!?!?!

The Correct Anomalies NOT Present in the Film are…

1. Flying bicycle (from Steven Spielberg movie E.T.) in background (Not present in the film version).

2. Metro Los Angeles Logo on New Jersey mass transit bus (Not present in the film version).

3. Chicago Police Department Cap instead of New Jersey (Modified from film version).

4. Mazda automobile altered to Fiat logo (Modified from film version).

5. Campaign bumper sticker for President Barack Obama. (Not present in the film version).

6. British “Bobbie” style cap on police officer in background (Not present in the film version).

7. Robert DeNiro in background (Not present in the film version).

8. Spoke missing from car wheel (Modified from film version).

9. Man wearing ice skate in crowd (Not present in the film version).

Many of you came SO CLOSE to correctly naming them all, but the person who came the closest in describing all nine anomalies correctly first gets to purchase four tickets (4) to see Simon Pegg’s new movie Paul this weekend at your local movie theatre! And the winner is….ZACH A., CONGRATULATIONS!..We’ll be in touch;) THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR PLAYING!!!! Don’t forget to @TomCruise on Twitter and Facebook for your chance to interact and participate.


For everyone who wants to check out the unaltered frame from the Tom Cruise science fiction classic, War of the Worlds, check it out below:


Check out War of the Worlds and Mission: Impossible III in the Tom Cruise filmography.

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