#YouCompleteMe Valentine’s Day Contest From The Jerry Maguire Movie – Results!



Looking back at the classic romantic dramedy Jerry Maguire we know Jerry had Dorothy at hello, confessing his love for her by with the now famously quoted dialogue, “You complete me.”

We posed the question for you this Valentine’s Day: who completes you this and why?

The winner chosen as the most romantic by TomCruise.com team member and resident Jerry Mcquire expert Abby, who’s seen the movie over 100 times, received flowers, chocolates and a Jerry Maguire DVD.

You post came flooding into our blog, the official TomCruise.com Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/officialtomcruise, and the official page at Twitter, tagged #YouCompleteMe. Each was more romantic than the last.

However, there could only be one winner…and that’s Dave B. from Facebook!! CONGRATULATIONS Dave! We hope you and your wife both enjoy the flowers, treats and movie on this most romantic of days.

Here’s what Dave had to say in his winning entry:


We also got a couple tweets from some lonely young women around the globe who were resigned to spend Cupid’s holiday toughing it out on their own. The team at TomCruise.com thought that shouldn’t be the case, picking out a pair of ladies to send a bouquet to and let them know we were thinking about them today.

So, to Hellen K. (@HellenKouf) and Emily B. (@Butterfiled_EMS), the team at TomCruise.com wishes you an extra Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the flowers as much as we enjoy giving them to you.

Here’s what Hellen and Emily thought about the gift coming their way:


Emily Butterfield Valentines Contest2

And Emily took it a step further, this morning posting the picture of her with the flowers we sent. Take a look at the lucky young lady below:


We’re thrilled you enjoyed the flowers Emily!! Hope it made your Valentine’s Day happy and bright. :)

We also had a sampling saved of some of the more sensitive entries to come our way. Take a look below at how some people feel about the special person in their lives:

Adilson_Avelino_Valentines_ContestCJ_Sargeant_Valentines_ContestDianne_Gariepy_Valentines_ContestKelli_La_Fountaine_Valentines_ContestThanks again to everyone that entered! Your romantic natures are an inspiration. We hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, spending it with someone close to your heart.

For everyone who want to relive one of the more romantic moments from Tom’s filmography, check out the iconic clip from Jerry Maguire below:

To get the entire story of how this powerful moment sprung into the popular consciousness, we suggest you condsider purchasing the Jerry Maguire DVD to catch the entire movie. It earned Tom an Oscar nomination for Best Actor and inspired team member Abby to watch the movie over 100 times!

That’s a fairly ringing endorsement. :D

Here’s the details on how to purchase, below:

Jerry-Maguire-DVD-CoverYou can order the Jerry Maguire DVD from Amazon here!

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day!