Tom Cruise Fan & Guest Blog Writer Rachel Silvia – Why I Love Movies and My Favorite TC Film

Rachel Silvia

Rachel Silvia, @TheSimpleWriter

Today we’ve got an excellent guest blog post from Rachel Silvia! Rachel is a writer from Texas and is super excited to be sharing her story with you all! Catch her on twitter @TheSimpleWriter. So, without further ado:

So this is my first Guest Blog that I am writing for my idol Tom Cruise. I can’t say how grateful I am to be doing this, writing for my idol, how many people can say that?

I have to start out recognizing all the fans of Tom Cruise, what great supporters he has! Another thing, how many actors can pull off a semi-bald head, chubby fingers, and a badass attitude? If you can guess what movie this character is from you are a true Tom Cruise fan.

Movies. The excitement of watching an action-packed movie to escape from your busy lifestyle. The one perk of growing up in my small town was that they had the best movie theater. My sister and I went there every Friday night. But now that we live in a bigger town you know what that means? It means bigger screens, larger than life actors, and the thrill of getting out of the house. Once stepping away from our everyday jobs, at the movies we become for just a little while, movie critics.

Movie Theater

As a child, I loved going to the theater — smelling the fresh-popped popcorn, heading to my seat, hoping that one day it would be me on the big screen (I had high hopes as a child and teenager). I got to watch my favorite actor or actress play some of the best roles of their lives. They made us cry, clutch our seats in fear that our hero wouldn’t make it through the fiery blaze, or make us laugh doing a silly dance at the end of the credits (another clue to the Tom Cruise movie I love!).


But the biggest reason I went to the movies was to watch my absolute, greatest, hugest idol bring to life the character Ethan Hunt. How exciting was it to watch Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible? I believe it to be great, but still not as great as my favorite movie of his (which I’ll announce at the end of this post). I think I have watched almost every Tom Cruise movie ever made, but I still remember the first movie I ever saw him in, Top Gun.


I thought “Wow. To fly in a jet like that most be a rush” — until my mom told me it wasn’t real! Just like Tom wasn’t really Dustin Hoffman’s brother in Rain Man. One thing I have to admit: even though I’m in my mid-twenties, I have to say I have a t-shirt that reads “Top Gun” with “Maverick” on the back. It’s the only little piece of Top Gun that I will ever get remotely close to. It still fits and I still wear it on cooler days.

I have to say this, writing this post is the most fun I have ever had. I am excited for lots of fans to read my work, sharing our passion for our dear and most beloved Tom Cruise. When I told my mom (who by the way is, and has been, a fan of Tom’s since before I knew who he was. Frankly she crazy about Tom. Ok, ok I am too!) that I would be writing a Guest Blog for Tom Cruise she was thrilled and a little shocked. To see that on her face made my day. But the best thing she asked me was “Well, will he read what you write?” and my response was “Well, I don’t know” which deep down I can only hope that he will read my post. Maybe one day when he is not so busy.

TC loves taking pics with fans!

Our dear Tom is always busy, but the best thing about him is that he always makes time for his fans! I just wish I was blessed to have gotten an autograph or a picture with him. I know that if any one of you see him in passing, he will stop and give you the time of day, because that is the kind of gentleman he is. This is why we go to the movies; we go because it thrills us; it gives us hope that we will meet our favorite celebrities. But for now, we can watch them on the big screen. And that is how a fan is born, my friends. It starts at the movies.

Now I end my Guest Post with a little FYI for all of you Tom Cruise fans. I heard through a little bird that another Mission: Impossible is in the making. Now that’s what I call thrilling! You can bet that I will be front and center to pick up tickets for that movie.

Also I will leave you with my favorite movie of Tom’s and that would have to be Tropic Thunder! I mean come on, that is the best movie to watch when you are having a bad day or just when you need a good laugh!

Well everyone I hope you all enjoy my first Guest Blog post. It was thrilling, exciting, and above all else, written for my idol Tom Cruise. I promise I will have a longer post next time with more movie news and Tom updates as much as I can. I just wanted to write something from the heart this time. Thank you again to the Tom Cruise Team for giving me this opportunity. I am most grateful. I toast to all the Tom Cruise fans – keep on going to the movies, actually go out today. Go see something that is to your liking. Remember, we go to the movies for the thrill, the excitement, and of course just to have a little fun in a dark theater!

Thanks everyone, till next time, I’m out Plaaaaaayyyaaaa!!!

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