Tom’s Egg-citing Appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Tom Cruise plays Egg Roulette with Jimmy Fallon

Tom Cruise plays Egg Roulette with Jimmy Fallon

Tom was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Friday night on NBC…

If you recall, the last time Tom spent time with Jimmy, Tom soaked him to the bone in the game of Water War,’ so this time, it seems Jimmy was ‘egging’ to get even…

The two talk about Tom’s pilot license, going to space, ‘Oblivion,’ and even David Bowie!

In the first clip, while discussing ‘Oblivion,’ Jimmy gets super fired up about a supposed twist in the middle of the movie that has him saying “WHAAAT?!?!”

So to all of our international friends, SHHHH! Keep quiet! Don’t spoil the surprise for us peeps in the U.S., since ‘Oblivion’ doesn’t open here until Friday!!

In the second clip, Fallon then challenges Tom to a game of “Egg Russian Roulette.” Eight eggs are hardboiled while four are raw. The contestants must take turns smashing eggs on their heads. Whoever smashes two raw eggs first, LOSES! Can Tom break his losing streak in Fallon’s games? Check out the action below!

Want more Tom Cruise vs. Jimmy Fallon challenge action? Watch the clip on this post – HILARIOUS! Jimmy Fallon In Water War With Tom Cruise!

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