Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol Book Of Photography Now Available

The visual spectacle of Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol is undeniably riveting, even head spinning. And with the recent release of M:I4 on Blu-ray/DVD and digital download in the US and on DVD in the UK, you can relive every mind-blowing moment in your own home.

MIGP Shooting DiaryAnd the perfect companion piece to the Blu-ray/DVD is the photo book The Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol Shooting Diary by David James.  James has worked with Tom on many films, and his sole job is to capture the still photos that will be used in magazines, newspapers and on billboards to promote the movie he’s working on.

The Shooting Diary is filled with the kind of behind-the-scenes images that add depth and perspective to the stunts used in M:I4. In fact, James, who has photographed Tom for years, says he has never seen the actor perform more impressive stunt work before.

So, without further adieu, here’s an in-depth preview of the new book that appeared in The Telegraph.

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