Lestat and Maverick and Les Grossman-Oh My! Fans Channel Iconic Characters for Tom Cruise-Themed Halloween Costumes!

Let’s face it; no one loves Halloween more than Hollywood, except maybe movie fans. The opportunity to don a costume, immerse yourself in a new identity and walk the streets begging for treats disguised as someone else appeals to young and old alike. Of course, one could argue that scenario is an everyday occurrence in Los Angeles ☺ That is why today we celebrate all of you who decided to celebrate the holiday by dressing up as your favorite Tom Cruise movie character. We are honored and flattered by the tribute. Check out some of the amazing costumes below!

Samantha Ruth (@cutesamili) got in touch with their inner entrepreneur (not to mention their teen spirit) by dressing down as ‘Joel Gooden’ in Risky Business. We’re guessing your parents were out of town, young lady ☺

Rocio Lugo-Quijano (@RocioLugOuijano) and Kash Hovey (@kashhovey) made for devilishly dashing vampires as ‘Lestat’ from ‘Interview with the Vampire.’ We can see why ‘Louis’ was so attracted to the dark side!

We admire your commitment to the role, Rick Prosser (@askrickdotcom)! We’re sure ‘Les Grossman’ (‘Tropic Thunder’) would break into his happy dance if he could see you now!

Of course, we’ll always have a soft spot for ‘Maverick.’ Grant Gannon made a dashing ‘Top Gun’ hero but Tom Rockhold’s (@tomrockhold) adorable 8-month old twins dressed as ‘Goose’ and ‘Maverick’ just melted our hearts! Keep those mini-pilots out of the “danger zone,” Tom.

Well done, everyone! We sure hope you had a great time at your parties and trick-or-treating. Thanks so much for sharing with us on Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Gree and Weibo!

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  • Mandy williams

    hahaha les groosman looks like les groosma was has he got on his chest,CARPET xxx
    love the topgun pilot still on the ground xxx

  • Therenzzster

    These were so fun I love Lestat the best!@!

  • http://proza.ru/avtor/larentija Larisa Studenikina

    “Top Gun Twins” 2011 is most zingy!