Rosamund Pike Has ‘One Shot’ With Tom Cruise (‘Jack Reacher’)

Rosamund Pike One Shot Tom Cruise Leading LadyThe team is excited to confirm that Rosamund Pike has been cast opposite Tom Cruise in the big screen adaptation of the 2005 Lee Child novel, ‘One Shot.’

Best known as a Bond Girl in ‘Die Another Day,’ the British actress also played ‘Miriam Grant-Panofsky’ in ‘Barney’s Version’ and co-starred alongside Keira Knightley, Donald Sutherland and Brenda Blethyn as ‘Jane Bennet’ in ‘Pride & Prejudice.’

According to ‘The Hollywood Reporter,’ Rosamund “screen-tested on Saturday with director Christopher McQuarrie” and the ‘Guardian’ confirmed Rosamund was cast as the “defense lawyer for the serial murderer that Reacher (Cruise) wants to take down,” Helen Rodin.

As we announced last month, Tom will play the former military policeman, ‘Jack Reacher,’ who drifts around the country with nothing more than his passport, his military pension and the clothes on his back. After serving in the military for many years, Reacher now spends his days accountable to no one but himself and while the nomadic loner doesn’t go looking for trouble, the ex-MP doesn’t back away from a fight.

Based on Lee Child’s ‘New York Times’ Best Selling series, in the novel, ‘One Shot,’ ‘Reacher’ travels to Indiana to investigate the killing of five people allegedly shot down by James Barr, a former military sniper. Defense attorney, Helen Rodin, works with Reacher to discover whether or not the case is as airtight as it seems.

While you are waiting for the ‘One Shot’ movie release, you can catch Rosamund Pike in the upcoming film, ‘Clash of the Titans 2.’

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  • Chris

    I’d love Tom Cruise to romance me instead!

  • Chris

    Tom can pretend to be poor around me!  He can learn what that’s like in his study-up for the role!

  • Lori Grenier

    excellent choice for a costar….

  • Jiri Georg. Urban


  • MarupH

    Nice and Excellent choice for a co-star!!

  • Brenda

    I have loved Tom Cruise since his first movie “LEGEND”…………..Tom is the BEST!!!! Katie is the luckiest woman in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would love the chance to meet him in person……………..

    NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep those movies coming Tom……………….

  • Paul Soriano

    The most beautiful bond girl teams up with the Top Gun of the Hollywood.

  • Paul Soriano

    The most beautiful bond girl teams up with the Top Gun of Hollywood.

  • Roberta hartley

    tom gets better with a good wine…:-)