‘All The Right Moves’ 30 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Tom Cruise in All The Right MovesThe inspirational film about big dreams in a small town ‘All The Right Moves’ celebrates it’s big 3-0 anniversary this week!

A 22 year old Tom Cruise plays Stefen Djordjevic, a high school footballer desperate for a scholarship who clashes with his headstrong coach in a dying Pennsylvania steel town.

All the Right Moves is a 1983 drama film directed by Michael Chapman and starring Tom CruiseCraig T. NelsonLea ThompsonChris Penn, and Gary Graham. It was filmed on location during WPIAL football season in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh.

All The Right Moves Film Trivia:

  • First name-above-the-title top billing on a movie poster for actor Tom Cruise who didn’t get such in the same year’s ‘Risky Business’ where Cruise had top billing but it wasn’t name-above-the-title.
  • The director wanted Lea Thompson and Tom Cruise to go undercover to remember what high school was like. They went to separate schools, and while Cruise was spotted after just one day because someone recognized him from Taps, Thompson went four days, was asked out by many guys and got caught smoking.
  • Tom Cruise and Lea Thompson performed a majority of their own nudity in their love scene. However body doubles were used for insert shots. The same body doubles were also used earlier in the film for insert shots in the make-out scene in the car.
  • This movie was the first big role playing a football coach for actor ‘Craig T Nelson‘ who would later become perhaps best known to audiences for his Emmy Award winning character of football coach Hayden Fox on the ABC TV series Coach airing between 1989 and 1997.
  • Considered a male version of the movie ‘Flashdance,’ both movies were about a young person central character living in a Pennsylvanian town and following their dream to become a success and get out of their town. She was a welder in Pittsburgh, he was destined to stay in his mill town unless he can score a scholarship. The film replaced flash dancing with American football and both films had a distinctive rock soundtrack.

Celebrate the 30 year anniversary of All The Right Moves with us by checking out the TomCruise.com curated clips below or rent/buy All The Right Moves below…

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