Live ‘Oblivion’ Q&A Session with Tom Cruise & Joseph Kosinski from Hero Complex

Tom Cruise and Joseph Kosinski discuss all things 'Oblivion'

Tom Cruise and Joseph Kosinski discuss all things ‘Oblivion’

Last night, following a screening of ‘Oblivion’ in New York City, Tom Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski did a live Q & A session for the Los Angeles Times‘ Hero Complex.

People were asked to contribute their own questions on Twitter using #Oblivion. It was a very informative look into the making of the movie!

They discussed all things ‘Oblivion,’ from the beginning stages of writing the graphic novels, to how Tom got involved in the project, to the set design, to filming the stunts… to the possibility of a sequel!

Joseph confessed he dug for information about directors he admires that Tom has collaborated with and how much he learned from Tom. Tom said he admires Joseph’s overly-ambitious ideas (like asking a musician to write a film score who’s never done so before), and his ability to follow through and make it happen!

Tom also compared ‘Oblivion’ to ‘Minority Report,’ in that the technology from that film inspired technology we now have today, like the iPad. He’s hoping inventors will be inspired by the swimming pool and the bubbleship and volunteers to test them out! Haha…

Towards the end of the discussion, Tom was asked a series of science fiction related questions: What are his favorite sci-fi movies? What attracts him to acting in sci-fi films? He even spoke on the state of science fiction movies today, making an analogy to what western movies once were.

The full 30-minute Q&A session is available to view right here!

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