Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Tom to Read Silly One Liners in Dramatic Actor Mode

Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Tom was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night on ABC… He recalled his first experience attending a movie premiere as an actor in ‘Taps’ and how he spotted actor Bill Murray walking down the sidewalk on the way to the premiere in his first limo ride! He was so taken with seeing famous comedian Bill Murray that he wanted to stop!

He also talked about his recent experience in Ireland while there for the ‘Oblivion’ premiere, where he learned about his family’s Irish lineage dating back to the 9th century and including owning a place in Ireland called ‘Hollywood’ beleive it or not! They also of course talked about ‘Oblivion,’ which according to Jimmy Kimmel, was shot “in Iceland and in Space” LOL!

Jimmy challenged Tom to play a game… He read completely mundane lines to Tom and asked him to recite them back in a “dramatic movie star way”… sounds predictable, right? Wrong! One of the lines was “Gentlemen, get your nunchucks, its gopher clubbin’ time!” Ha!

Check out the clip below, or watch the full episode here!

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