NEW ‘Oblivion’ Movie Posters With Tom Cruise & Morgan Freeman Released!

Official 'Oblivion' Movie Poster featuring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman

Click here to view the hi-res version of this ‘Oblivion’ movie poster!

Universal JUST released TWO NEW ‘Oblivion’ movie posters and they are AWESOME!

In the first poster, Morgan Freeman and Tom are juxtaposed alluding to their possible significance to each other in the storyline. Morgan’s character look kinda makes us think of Lawrence Fishburne’s character ‘Morpheus’ from ‘The Matrix.’

An insignia is visible on Tom’s (“Jack’s), right arm makes us wonder what organization it might signify and we can see in the poster that “Jack” is holding some kind of high tech weapon.


Official 'Oblivion' Movie Poster featuring Tom Cruise

Click here to view the hi-res version of this ‘Oblivion’ movie poster!

In the second  ‘Oblivion’ poster, we see Tom’s character, “Jack Harper” walking alone on what appears to be the post-apocolyptic remains of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Which makes us a little uneasy as we are writing this blog today while in San Fransisco.;) “Jack” again has what appears to be a weapon slung over his shoulder alluding to a dangerous environment….which always makes for an exciting movie!

Universal also recently released an International ‘Oblivion’ movie trailer that takes you DEEP into the story and features Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, and Andrea Riseborough, …let us know what you think is going on behind the great mystery in this trailer’s storyline in the comments below!

Click here to download your own high res official ‘Oblivion’ movie poster


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