Pittsburgh Pirates Center Fielder Andrew McCutchen & His Tom Cruise Impersonations

Andrew McCutchen“Show me the money!!!”

Watch Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen hilarious Tom Cruise character impersonations.  After enjoying the recently released action thriller ‘Jack Reacher,’ The Cutch decided it was time he took his talent off the diamond and onto the web (his official Facebook and Twitter accounts), giving a brief overview of Tom’s impressive career as interpreted by classic movie lines.  There’s nothin’ better than a great athlete with a sense of humor.  Get ready to roll on the floor with laughter!

This was all done in good fun in collabroation with the Major League Baseball Fan Cave website.  Their site is all about exclusive access to MLB stars, Hollywood celebs and musicians for the fans, from the fans.  Check it out.  And be like Clutch and be sure to get inspired by joining the millions around the world who have been cheering for ‘Jack Reacher,’ now playing.  Click here for international dates, sites & showtimes & tickets.  Haven’t seen it?  Need a little inspiration?  Check out this heart stopping clip below:

So what’s your favorite Tom Cruise movie line?  Before you tell us, check out Tom’s entire filmography in this interactive online timeline.  Then leave us a comment after this blog.

Speaking of sports and games, one of our favorite sports/games is water war!  That’s right.  The card game of ‘War,’ but played with large glasses of water, dumped on the loser.  You want some serious laughter?  Check out the video below of this new sport starring Tom Cruise and late night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon.

TomCruiseBehindTheWheelAnd while we’re on the subject of sports, enjoy another sports related blog we recently published on the top sports films of all time by clicking on this link.

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