Exclusivo: Admiradores y Amigos Bienvenidos a el Estreno de la Peli ‘Jack Reacher’ en Madrid


Fan caiosamaciel takes a photo of his female friend meeting Tom Cruise at the Madrid premiere of ‘Jack Reacher.’

Thank you to all of Tom’s fans in Madrid who posted these amazing photos from the world premiere of ‘Jack Reacher.’

¡Gracias a todos los Admiradores de Tom en Madrid por estas fotos impresionantes de la premiere española de ‘Jack Reacher.’

We are always so impressed with the candid shots fans are able to capture at premieres.  The Spanish fans were no exception.  It all began on December 13, 2012 at around 4pm when the streets outside of the Cines Callao began to prepare for the excitement.  This Google Map sets the scene perfectly, putting us all front and center on the red carpet.  Enjoy!

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The set up begins outside the Cines Callao in Madrid.

Tom arrives to an excited crowd!

The huge LED Jumbo Tron provided fans for blocks with close ups of the glitz and glamour!

Tom begins to greet the Spanish media.


Madrid fan @horansonlygirl captures this beautiful shot of all the media madness

Paramount Pictures provided us with this beautiful official photo from the red carpet.

MADRID, SPAIN – DECEMBER 13: (L-R) Actor Tom Cruise, actress Rosamound Pike and director Christopher McQuarrie attend the “Jack Reacher” premiere at the Callao cinema on December 13, 2012 in Madrid, Spain (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

 Two fans were lucky enough to capture these great photos from inside the movie theatre and share with everyone!


Fan @Saramariz captured this fantastic close up of Tom, Rosamund Pike, Christopher McQuarrie and a local host

Finally, after the successful premiere Tom made one special stop to the popular comedic science TV show, El Hormiguero.’ A very unique segment was filmed with Tom and we have the clip below.  But first, here is what local Madrid fans said:

And now we present to you two clips from Tom’s appearance on El Hormiguero.’ If you don’t speak Spanish here is what is going on.  The host wanted to create an experiment to show that we just don’t take the time in our lives to really appreciate the beauty that is everywhere.  They asked Tom to join them at a breakfast table.  With a special camera they watch a full service breakfast experience a unique slow motion sequence.  In reality, the table simply bumped.  But in slow motion…well…take a look:


JRpremiereTom1The world premiere of ‘Jack Reacher’ was on Monday, December 10th in London, England.  WE WERE THERE!  We put together this exciting blog that was updated in real time on the day of the star studded event.  Relive it all by clicking on this link.


Tom hangs with the fans at the Jack Reacher premiere!

The next day, December 11th, Tom attended the exciting Swedish premiere in Stockholm.  We’ve got all the glitz and glamour when you click on this ‘Jack Reacher’ in Sweden in link.


Finally, on Wednesday, December 19th, there was a special screening in Pittsburgh, PA with Tom and Chris McQuarrie hosting for the great city where they loved filming the movie.  Click here for all the highlights from that historic night.


When are you going to see ‘Jack Reacher?’  Click here to find out when it’s opening near you!

Here is an action-packed official trailer to remind you just how awesome this movie is going to be!

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