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Click on this image to view the Top 24 image gallery on Rotten Tomatoes

Ethan Hunt?  Maverick?  Jerry Maguire?  Who is your favorite Tom Cruise character?  With over 32 major motion pictures over an incredible 30 year career, Tom has given fans like us unforgettable images we collect on our walls, on our computers and in our memories.

His next movie, ‘Jack Reacher,’ is opening TODAY, Friday, December 21st in the U.S.! (click here for international dates, sites & showtimes & tickets).  To celebrate the opening of ‘Jack Reacher,’ the popular film rating site chose 24 amazing images of Tom from his films over the years.  Click through to the gallery to find out if your favorite is included!

Click on this image to view the Top 24 image gallery on Rotten Tomatoes

We were lucky to be able to see the action packed, crime fighting thriller ‘Jack Reacher‘ a couple of weeks ago.  We can assure you there are countless iconic images that will easily be added to the ones we’ve all come to love since the beginning.  Here are three of our favorites from ‘Jack Reacher:’

Jack Reacher ‘borrows’ this 1970 Chevy Chevelle for a breathless car chase

Jack Reacher stands before the historic Pittsburgh South Street Bridge surveying a crime scene

Jack Reacher’s powerful presence is captured in this iconic image

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