Tom Cruise & Christopher McQuarrie Host ‘Jack Reacher’ Special Screening In Pittsburgh, PA!

SouthSide Works Hosts 'Jack Reacher' Screening

Click to view SouthSide Works Cinema in Google Maps Street View!

It’s the U.S. DEBUT of ‘Jack Reacher’ In This VERY Special Screening for the people of Pittsburgh, PA!

Tom and director Chris McQuarrie returned to SouthSide Works Cinema in Pittsburgh, PA on Dec. 19th at 7pm ET to host and introduce a very special U.S. screening of ‘Jack Reacher’ for the people of Pittsburgh! Why Pittsburgh? Because MUCH of ‘Jack Reacher’ was filmed there, so the special screening was Tom’s and Paramount Studio’s way of saying… THANK YOU to the AWESOME people of Pittsburgh, PA for supporting the filming of ‘Jack Reacher’ on the streets of PITTSBURGH!

Jack Reacher Poster

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Tom and Chris, (Who you can follow on Twitter at @ChrisMcQuarrie) attended expressly to introduce the film to 10 audiences in 10 theaters and thank them and the city of Pittsburgh for their support during the filming of ‘Jack Reacher!’

Now unfortunately, TeamTC wasn’t able to attend the screening so we instead looked to YOU, the people of Pittsburgh for YOUR tweets and posts about the event as it happened!..Not only did the people of Pittsburgh enable the filming of ‘Jack Reacher,’ they also covered the special U.S. screening of ‘Jack Reacher!’ for us! You guys ROCK!

FIRST, as part of the pre-event excitement, we caught ‘Jack Reacher’ director Christopher McQuarrie interviewed literally, as he was driving to the screening!

'Jack Reacher' director, Christopher McQuarrie

Director, Christopher McQuarrie, at the UK premiere of ‘Jack Reacher’


McQuarrie gave a surprisingly detailed 26 minute phone interview to Jeffrey Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere while driving down the freeway on his way to the SouthSide Works ‘Jack Reacher’ screening!

Click here to jump straight to the ‘Chris McQuarrie ‘Jack Reacher’ interview by Jeffrey Wells! 

We sure hope Chris wasn’t driving like this…

And with the Chris McQuarrie interview as the pre-event teaser, let the Pittsburgh, PA screening night of ‘Jack Reacher’ begin as told by THE TWEETS, POSTS AND MEDIA COVERAGE OF THE PEOPLE OF PITTSBURGH WHO WERE THERE!

So that you can get a sense of the locale, here’s the Google Street View of SouthSide Works Cinema…

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…and an elevated view of the town square that includes SouthSide Works:

SouthSide Works Town Square

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Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and guest

Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl and guest at the ‘Jack Reacher’ screening. Click to view on

The mayor of Pittsburgh, the honorable Luke Ravenstahl and guest were in attendance! (Photo courtesy of

More event photos, videos, stories and WPXI coverage, here.

Here’s screening attendee smartphone footage courtesy of Youtube user, ‘Pete P.,’ of Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl, ‘Jack Reacher’ director Christopher McQuarrie, and Tom thanking the people of Pittsburgh for their support, AND revealing that he once shot ‘All The Right Moves’ in Pittsburgh as well!

Here’s the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette video coverage of the screening, from their great story, here.

Here’s the local Pittsburgh CBS affiliate coverage of the screening, including footage of Tom thanking the people of Pittsburgh….


And of course, here are just a few of the many tweets and social posts of the PEOPLE OF PITTSBURGH in attendance at the screening!!!! YOU GUYS ROCKED IT!…if we missed yours, or if you see yours here and have more story to tell, tell us in a comment below!

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Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 4.18.14 PM <

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