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 Earth is a memory worth fighting for…

On April 12. 2013 (the scheduled U.S. opening) we are all going to witness a groundbreaking film called ‘Oblivion.’  It stars our favorite hero, Tom Cruise alongside movie legend Morgan Freeman and screen beauty, Olga Kurylenko.  The film is inspired by a graphic novel (yet to be released) of the same name.  It was written by Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) who is also the writer/director for this new cinematic event.

When ‘Oblivion‘ premieres in theaters and on IMAX screens around the world, it will look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  Don’t believe us?  Check out below the just released breathtaking trailer.

“Earth is a memory worth fighting for.”

…and the trailer WITH director commentary…

The Sci-Fi action-packed adventure begins when a court martial sends Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), a veteran soldier to a distant planet, where he has to destroy the remains of an alien race. The arrival of an unexpected traveler causes him to question what he knows about the planet, his mission, and himself.  On a spectacular future Earth that has evolved beyond recognition, one man’s confrontation with the past will lead him on a journey of redemption and discovery as he battles to save mankind.

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