‘Jack Reacher’ UK Red Carpet Premiere LIVE!


TeamTC will be on the ‘Jack Reacher’ UK red carpet TODAY, Dec 10th w/LIVE coverage of the premiere at 4pm GMT, 8am PT, 11am ET!!!

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11:30pm GMT@Indiana_tweets:

11:25pm GMT@CecilePineau tweets:

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10:50pm GMT- A young UK fan @HayleyTOfficial tweets:

10:40pm GMT- ANOTHER RAVE! @robhalloway tweets:

10:30pm GMT- It’s Official!  From @DigitalDim:

EXTRATom’s interviewed about @JackReacher & Lee Child on the red carpet before entering the theater.#JackReacherUK

8:10pm GMT- Courtesy of Dimitris Mouzourou: Full cast & directors are on stage introducing the movie@jackreacher 8:00pm GMT- EXCLUSIVE from TomCruise.com:

7:45pm GMT- Courtesy of @Vogueros: (For all of our Spanish speaking fans, here is Rosamund Pike on the red carpet)

7:40pm GMT- Dimitris Mouzourou ‏Tweets: We’ve found Mr Tom Cruise. Never seen a celeb spend so long signing autographs on red carpet @jackreacher @tomcruise 7:31pm GMT- Kevin Hughes Tweets:

7:21pm GMT- EXCLUSIVE! We just interviewed @JackReacher director @ChrisMcQuarrie for you guys! Vid to follow! #JackReacherUK 7:20pm GMT- Rosamund Pike arrives on the Red Carpet (she actually arrived at 6:20, but we saved this picture ’cause it’s so awesome!) 7:12pm GMT- Joe Forrester Tweets:

7:10pm GMT- Total Film Tweets:

7:05pm GMT- Absolute Radio tweets:

7:00p GMT- Paramount Pictures Tweets:

6:55pm GMT- Exclusive!  We just spoke with @JackReacher creator @LeeChildReacher ! Video coming… 6:44pm GMT- Exclusive TomCruise.com video of The Stig and James May from @TopGear, guests at the #JackReacherUK premiere!  (Great commentary included!!)

6:40pm GMT- Chris Chilvers tweets:

6:33pm GMT- Paramount Pictures interviews Tom: Here’s @TomCruise! He told us it was very important to him that @LeeChildReacher thought Tom was right to play Reacher. 6:31pm GMT- Paramount Pictures tweets:

6:20pm GMT- Paramount Pictures interviews author Lee Child: #JackReacher author Lee Child confesses he wouldn’t mind a sequel! 6:18pm GMT- We just spoke with @JackReacher producer Don Granger, video coming! #JackReacherUK

6:12pm GMT- Paramount Pictures interviews Robert Duvall: Robert Duvall talking about his role in #JackReacher.

6:05pm GMT- Twitter FAN @Loocee:


6:00pm GMT- Tom officially arrives on the Red Carpet.  Courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Kevin Hughes.

5:45pm GMT- VIDEO of Tom greeting fans!  Tom greets the @JackReacher premiere fans! #JackReacherUK

5:29pm GMT- TOM ARRIVES!!  Tom is at the @JackReacher premiere early to hang with the fans!

5:17pm GMT- http://t.co/FKHnbJtu - Tom fans Denise and Devin talk to Tom in the pre-event @JackReacherexcitement!

4:51pm GMT- @JackReacher #UK premiere pre-event setup almost complete stars here soon!

4:13pm GMT http://t.co/na1OqPSh - Tom Cruise fan Amy says hello to Tom at the @JackReacher #UK premiere, pre-event!!!

2:34pm GMT- Pre-event video with the crews setting up plus random man whistling! http://telly.com/866KP

2:10pm GMT the Odeon theater marque!

1:55pm GMT The crews R busy setting up 4 the @JackReacher #UK premiere tonight! BTW, we’ve got UR questions 4 Tom! #JackReacherUK Click to view interactively: http://360.io/SqkwUE

Click on the photo to see the 360 interactive view at the UK ‘Jack Reacher’ premiere


1:33pm GMT- We have arrived! It’s hustle and bustle as the we and the event crews set up for tonight!

1:02pm GMT-Driving thru Marylebone on our way to Leicester Square to set up for the premiere!


Jack Reacher Premiere pre-event travel via Marylebone

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