The ‘Jack Reacher’ Site Launches With Butt Kickin’ Game Starring…YOU!

International Poster for 'Jack Reacher.'Jack Reacher is coming for you…

Defend yourself at!

Paramount has pushed a brand new Jack Reacher website featuring exclusive movie clips, movie star bios, and high-res film stills from the upcoming action-packed movie, ‘Jack Reacher.’  And if that’s not enough, in true Reacher style, they’re added something special for you to remember ‘Jack Reacher’ by….an A** Whoopin!

What do we mean? Well, the site features an awesome online game where…YOU GET TO PLAY JACK REACHER FOR POINTS & PRIZES INCLUDING THE ACTUAL JACKET WORN IN ‘JACK REACHER’ BY TOM CRUISE!!!!

Play The ‘Jack Reacher’ Online Game

“Hit them first, hit them hard, and hit them a lot!”

You think you got what it takes to be ‘Jack Reacher?’  Now’s your chance to prove it and WIN PRIZES!  Paramount Pictures knows Reacher Creatures like raw fists, smart planning and street justice- and you’ll find it all in the new ‘Jack Reacher’ game.  All you need is a keyboard and some seriously epic Reacher moves.  It’s super easy as you can see from watching the short game tutorial below:

Play the free online game to win Jack Reacher’s leather jacket

The game captures the action, grit and straight up power of the movie.  We know.  We’ve seen the movie and like Reacher himself…it KICKS-BUTT!!

If you play the game, Paramount is offering to the high score players amazing prizes like a movie posters, t-shirts or Jack Reacher hats.

If you’re vigilante skills are on the level of Reacher’s, you might win a signature Jack Reacher military watch or even the awesome brown leather jacket he wears in the movie!

Don’t forget #ReacherRules #1- “Hit them hard, hit them fast, and hit them a lot.”

What are you waiting for?  Visit the official ‘Jack Reacher’ movie site and sign up now to play and win.

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Tom Cruise stars as ‘Jack Reacher’ opening in the U.S. on December 21, 2012.

You wanna see some Reacher kind of justice?  Click below to see Tom in action as the ex-Army vigilante- a performance already getting raves from Lee Child!

Here are just two of the many TV spots just released.


 TV SPOT: Ruthless

Join the Jack Reacher online fan community at these official sites:

The official opening in the U.S. is December 21, 2012.  Click here to find out when it opens in your city.  We look forward to sharing with all of you the excitement from the Pittsburgh premiere and events around the world.

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