“Rubbin’ is Racin’” – Five 200MPH Reasons To Revisit ‘Days of Thunder’

Daytona.  Talladega.  Hollywood!  

Back in 1990, Tom Cruise tore across movie screens at 200mph in ‘Days of Thunder,’ the coolest “need for speed” movie since ‘Top Gun!’

Inspired by the racing legends of NASCAR, Tom played Cole Trickle, a young stock car driver with dreams of winning at Daytona. Now, in honor of Tom co-starring with Robert Duvall, (Who played ‘Harry’ in ‘Days of Thunder’),  in the upcoming ‘Jack Reacher,‘ we’re gonna share TeamTC’s FIVE Reasons To Revisit Days of Thunder!”

Log onto the official website for NASCAR.1.  NASCAR- 75 million fans cannot be wrong!  November is always the end of a 33 race year for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.  This year, they’ll fill the stands at Homestead-Miami for the Ford EcoBoost200.  The three top contenders in the Camping World Truck Series(based on their current rankings) with their chassis and front clip ready for racing are Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.Elliott Sadler and Austin Dillion.  But Cole Trickle will always be our favorite underdog.  Recovering from head injuries, he overcomes his physical and mental obstacles to prove he’s worthy of walking in the Victory Lane of any NASCAR super speedway.

2.  Robert Duvall- The great American character actor plays Harry Hogge, a former NASCAR crew chief and car builder.  He’s convinced to come out of retirement to help Cole win at Daytona. It’s not going to be easy, but he takes things slow and steady. We’re reminded of how great a movie is whenever Duvall shows up.  From ‘To Kill A Mockingbird‘ to ‘The Godfather‘ to the upcoming ‘Jack Reacher,’ you can count of Duvall to bring class and confidence to any role he plays.

3. Speeeeeeeeed- Whether the car is maneuvering the banking of a track or caught in the vacuum of a draft (Cole says in the final race, “I’m gonna draft Wheeler.  Make him pull me around the track.”).  Whether on a short track or super speedway, this movie delivers some serious speed as the main attraction at a NASCAR race.  The sequences in ‘Days of Thunder’ do not disappoint as can be seen in this clip:

4.  Director Tony Scott- Having previously directed Tom in the mega-huge critical and audience hit ‘Top Gun,’ Tony was the ideal choice to bring the adrenaline pumping world of NASCAR racing onto the screen.  His ability to combine the universal humanity of characters with the extraordinary challenges they have to overcome in unique environments made him one of Hollywood’s most respected directors.  Not to mention the just plain cool scenes he was able to capture of Tom racing the hell out of those cars!  Check it out in the heart-pounding final scene.

5.  ”Rubbin’ is racin’”- No movie is complete without some unforgetable lines.  What would ‘Jerry Maguire‘ be without, “You had me at ‘Hello.’”  ’Days of Thunder’ does not disappoint.  Many of the great lines come from Robert Duvall’s character, Harry, as he patiently trains the young Cole on the ways of the track.  Our favorite is when Cole is in a race and being bumped from behind by a rival.  He complains that he’s being slammed, but Harry says the now classic line, “No, no, he didn’t slam you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you… he ‘rubbed’ you.  And rubbin, son, is racin’.”

By the way, we’re not the only ones who love this movie and have reasons for watching it again.  Check out this recent blog from On All Cylinders.

Okay, now its your turn.  In the comments section below, tell us your favorite reason(s) for watching ‘Days of Thunder.’

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