Bestselling Lee Child Novel ‘One Shot’ Gets New ‘Jack Reacher’ Paperback Cover

Tom Cruise stars as 'Jack Reacher' on December 21, 2012.

The new ‘One Shot’ reissued book covers.
The U.S. on the left. The U.K. on the right.

Jack Reacher is the kind of hero who GETS IN YOUR FACE!  While all of us wait with baited breath until the sure to be kick-ass opening of the first film adaption (December 21 in the U.S.), author and creator Lee Child proved himself the real hero by being the first to announce on Facebook some awesome news.

On November 9, the bestselling novel ‘One Shot‘ that inspired the first screen adaptation was reissued in the U.S. and U.K.  This time, the new movie poster image of Tom getting rave reviews around the world will land smack on the cover.

Determined.  Dangerous.  Uncompromising.  All words used to describe Jack and perfectly captured in the bold image.  We’ll see you at the December opening.  Until then, we just might buy the reissue  and re-read the fast paced, thrilling novel ourselves;).

Grab on and enjoy  the second official trailer for ‘Jack Reacher’ kicking-butt and taking names…

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