An Evening With Lee Child: Rare Video Interview Delves Into Heart & Soul Of ‘Jack Reacher’

Lee Child Jack Reacher InterviewA SPECIAL TREAT FOR REACHER CREATURES THE WORLD OVER! Tom’s next movie, ‘Jack Reacher,’ slams into theaters in the U.S. on December 21, 2012.  With that in mind, dedicated not only to Tom Cruise action movie fans, but also ESPECIALLY to the ‘Jack Reacher’ book lovin’ ‘Reacher Creatures‘ (Jack Reacher book fans affectionate moniker.), we’re sharing a 1hr 51min Lee Child interview on the world of ‘Jack Reacher’!  Lee Child sat down recently at the National Writer’s Series in Traverse City, Michigan for an intimate and surprisingly detailed interview that both ‘Jack Reacher’ book AND movie fans will love! While Lee Child speaks predominantly about the ‘Jack Reacher’ books and character in the interview, he also mentions Tom and the movie inspired by Child’s book, One Shot, which we’ve excerpted below for you, followed by the full 1hr 51min interview…

…and for those diehard Reacher Creatures, here’s the full 1hr 51min video interview:

Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher


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…and to finish with a proper head-butting ‘Jack Reacher’ tribute, the ‘Jack Reacher’ Trailer #2:

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