Happy Halloween! We’re Featuring Your Favorite Tom Cruise Character Halloween Costumes!

Donal Troddyn runs a marathon in a very inventive Top Gun Halloween Costume!

Donal Troddyn runs a marathon in a very inventive Top Gun Halloween Costume!

BOOOOOOO! Happy Halloween Everyone!!! This is the scary and fun time of the year when we see so many of you guys grab a character from a Tom Cruise movie for your Halloween costume! (And it appears that the ‘Risky Business’ costumer by far, is your fav, see below, from Google Trends….

Risky Business Costume searches on Google Trends

We usually see a WHOLE LOTTA’ Risky Business costumes, followed by Maverick/TopGun and sprinkled with Les Grossman, Lestat and this year, Stacee Jaxx! There’s already a lot of fun, hot, and scary pics of people in their fav Tom Halloween getup on Twitter, check out the live stream, here!

If YOU dress up in a costume from one of Tom’s movies for Halloween, we want to see it and feature it HERE! Just let us know by posting your Tom Halloween costume pic with hashtag! #TCHalloween!!!!

One of our favorites, sure to induce an “AWWWW…” in even the deadest decaying Halloween heart, are the Top Gun babies!

So far this week, we’ve seen some awesome Halloween-Tom-Costume-Madness including a Zombie version of ‘Goose’ from ‘Top Gun!’:














For those of you in a costume rush tonight, or, for next year,  here are some links to online resources to help you realize your Tom Cruise Halloween Costume!

  1. Glamour Magazine helps you become Joel Goodsen from ‘Risky Business’
  2. Check out this site for all the costumes related to ‘Top Gun’
  3. Click here to become the Vampire Lestat from ‘Interview With The Vampire’
  4. Yahoo guides you to your inner Les Grossman from ‘Tropic Thunder.’
  5. How to make a ‘Stacee Jaxx’ Costume

Here are some great costume videos and pics we’ve seen the last couple of years…



Samantha Ruth (@cutesamili) as Les Grossman.
Rocio Lugo-Quijano (@RocioLugOuijano) as Lestat.
Kash Hovey (@kashhovey) as Lestat.
Aggy Celiz as Les Grossman.
Rick Prosser (@askrickdotcom) as Les Grossman.
Kimberly Millwater as Lestat.
Halley Brown as Joel Goodsen.
Eric Ligocki as Joel Goodsen.
Maxwell Gessner as Les Grossman.
Grant Gannon (@GrantGannon) as Maverick from 'Top Gun'

Grant Gannon (@GrantGannon) as Maverick from ‘Top Gun’

TC Fans have shown us that the most popular Halloween costume ideas are Joel (‘Ricky Business‘), Lestat (‘Interview With The Vampire‘), Les (‘Tropic Thunder‘), and Maverick (‘Top Gun‘), and this year we’re expecting Stacee Jaxx to show up at the party!

How to make a Stacee Jaxx Halloween Costume

How to make a Stacee Jaxx Halloween Costume

So come on. You’ve got all week to post your awesome Tom Cruise-related Halloween costumes using hashtag #TCHalloween!  Whether you want to be a rockstar, an ace pilot, or a Hollywood producer there are 30 years of classic characters Tom’s created for you to choose from. Now is your chance to show the love.  We’ll even feature the most creative Halloween costumes.

REMEMBER, all you have to do is TWEET your Tom Halloween costume photo using the hashtag: #TCHalloween and we just might feature you HERE!

In the comments section below, tell us which Tom Cruise character you are planning to or would like to dress up as for Halloween. Be sure to connect with the entire TomCruise.com community on TwitterFacebookWhoSayOrkutGreeSina WeiboGoogle+, Tumblrand Tencent Weibo. Plus, get all the latest news and insider information when you sign up for the TomCruise.com official newsletter today!

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