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Even Les Grossman knows: Your smartphone is not just for calling (or shouting in Les’ case), and texting anymore!  Whether you’re using the iPhone, an Android phone, the HTC, Samsung Galaxy Ace or any other smartphone, you hold in the palm of your hand the key to modern day filmmaking. Wanna make a movie with your iPhone? We’ll help.  Keep reading.

To start, we recommend you read Part I and Part II of our #Aspring2ActWriteDirect series on creating films and videos using your smartphone (or tablet).  In the year since we shared those helpful blogs with you, Hollywood is seriously taking notice of the creativity and those creating new content in this innovative way.  In fact, there are two recent projects we thought would inspire you.

Departure is a groundbreaking new film project. Produced by the same team behind the iPhone/ Smartphone Film Festival, this new movie is shot entirely with an iPhone.  It is a “venture in cost effective, expeditious, and epic filmmaking” and is described as follows:

Departure is a film utilizing three main locations, in three separate countries, the United States, France, and Belarus, and three distinct directors from those respected regions. Each filmmaker will contribute their assigned footage, shot exclusively on the iPhone apparatus, to form one complete project, one complete intertwining story.

But wait, it gets even cooler!  The producers of ‘Departure’ are not the only ones spearheading innovation in filmmaking.  Samsung, a leading manufacturer in the smartphone market and the New York Television Festival teamed up for a Second Screen Storytellers Contest. What is a Second Screen Story?  Basically, as defined from their website, “A filmmaker must integrate multiple screens into their overall narrative, providing a comprehensive entertainment experience for fans and viewers.”

Tom Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt and shows a ‘second screen’ to co-star Jeremy Renner in ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.’

A second screen can be anything from a laptop to a smartphone to a tablet to any other screen that the main storyline isn’t already showing on. For instance, if your movie is showing on a traditional movie screen, and your leading character is searching the web, all of that web content might be available at the same time on a laptop.  Two storyline’s going on at once on two separate screens.  How cool is that?!

Need it in simpler terms?  Watch this 3 minute YouTube video below.

Check out the super cool contest winning project.  It’s a futuristic cop story called ‘D-Tec,’ created by Joseph Saroufim, Peter Saroufim, and Stephen Interrante of Los Angeles, CA.

So are you ready to make your movie masterpiece?  We’ve provided you with all the information you need.  Once your movie is complete, get the recognition you deserve at any of these reputable international smartphone film festival competitions.  There are more popping up all the time, but here are nine from 2012-2013.  Reminder: most of these require that you shoot your movie on a smartphone.

iPhone/Smartphone Film FestivaliPhone/Smartphone Film Festival - The iPhone Film Festival was started by a filmmaker for other filmmakers.

The International Mobil Film Festival in San Diego, CAThe International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, CA - The Mobil Film Festival is a two-day special event showing films that were shot only with cell phones. Films will be presented to promote the filmmaking skills and/or talent of prospective filmmakers using the creative medium as professional equipment.

Mobile Film Festival - FranceMobile Film Festival – France - 1 Mobile. 1 Minute. 1 Film.

Tunisian Mobile Film FestivalTunisian Mobile Film Festival - Teams of Tunisian filmmakers will have 24 hours to shoot their short films using mobile phones.

indieFone Film FestindieFone Film Fest - Shoot a short film with your iPhone and compete to be one of the top 7 filmmakers to participate in our reality show. – WIN $10K.


The Original iPhone Film FestivalThe Original iPhone Film Festival - The Original iPhone Film Festival. Bringing the emerging community of iPhone and iOS filmmakers into the spotlight.

Sony Mobile Film Festival- ItalySony Mobile Film Festival- Italy - Sony Mobile Festival – Moving people, making movies is a creative call entirely dedicated to short movies and music videoclips.

Cinepocket Film Festival- BrusselsCinepocket Film Festival- Brussels - Belgium’s international mobile film festival is for films shot entirely with mobile phones & mobile filmmaking in general.


The Disposable Film FestThe Disposable Film Fest - We show films made on everyday equipment like cell phones, webcams & point and shoot cameras.

For some added inspiration, we wanted to share with you “The Adventures of a Cardboard Box.” It is an 8 minute movie shot on a Nokia N8 smartphone. It was one of the winners from the Sony Mobile Film Festival.  We hope you love this beautiful story as much as we did.

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