007 Turns 50! TomCruise.com Celebrates The Men Behind The Spy

Bond.  James Bond.  And for 50 years, no one has dared to forget it!  This week, the British spy we all love celebrates half a century of blockbuster filmmaking.  No other film character in western cinema can claim such an honor.  From Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan to the current Daniel Craig, for fifty years audiences have thrilled, cheered and swooned at the international spying, fighting, leaping, gambling, shooting, drinking, driving, and let’s not forget love-making of the brilliant creation by author Ian Fleming.

Of course, when we think of super spies you know we’re home to one of the modern greats, American spy Ethan Hunt from the “Mission: Impossible” film series.  Sure, he’s only been around for 16 years, but the actor who created Ethan Hunt (you-know-who) also turned 50 this year.  So we got to thinking: who worked on the latest James Bond film and has also worked with Tom Cruise?  With the hundreds of actors, directors, writers, makeup artists, stunt people who work to bring great characters and stories to the screen, certainly some of those who worked on ‘Skyfall‘ have previously worked on a Tom Cruise film.  We did our own brand of spying (shout out to IMDb) and we found three people that we believe you’ll find very interesting.


Javier Bardem is about to unleash his unique brand of villainy as Bond’s latest nemesis in the upcoming ‘Skyfall.’  But did you know he also appeared as Felix in ‘Collateral?’


John Logan has been Academy Award nominated as best screenwriter for ‘Hugo,’ ‘The Aviator,’ and ‘Gladiator.’  It’s no wonder the producers of ‘Skyfall‘ called on him to lend a hand with their latest Bond plot.  But we know John best from the extraordinary script he created for ‘The Last Samurai.’


Chris Lyons has a job that will make you smile.  Literally.  He specializes in special effects makeup with an emphasis on teeth! Seriously.  Keep an eye out in ‘Skyfall‘ for his incredible work. And then watch ‘The Last Samurai‘ to enjoy the magic he created on one of Tom’s film.  Learn more about special effects makeup by clicking on this link to read one of our #Aspiring2ActWriteDirect blog posts.

So as we celebrate Bond’s golden anniversary, we give a nod to three film artists who continue to bring us all great movie going experiences.  Check out their work in the trailer below for ‘Skyfall,’ the latest James Bond film opening on November 9, 2012:

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