The Killers Documentary From ‘Jack Reacher’ Villain- Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog

The eyes of a genius or a mad man?

Werner Herzog will bring a terrifying chill to movie screens this December as ‘The Zec’ in the upcoming action crime drama, ‘Jack Reacher.’  As we discussed in a previous post, Werner is a modern day Renassiance man when it comes to the arts; actor, writer, producer.  But his most respected role is as an Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker.

The Killers

The Killers: Brandon Flowers, Mark Stoerner, Ronnie Vannucci and Dave Keunig

To promote their fourth album, ‘Battle Born,’ Werner collaborated with the Las Vegas-based band, ‘The Killers,’ to create a 7 minute documentary as only Werner can.

Edgy, quirky, funny, insightful and honest, Werner stepped behind the camera to bring us into the heart and soul of this popular band.

Watch the documentary below.

Our favorite moment is the squeaky arm of the automated cowboy.  In the comments section below, post your favorite part of Werner’s new documentary.

So remember, when Werner tears up the screen in ‘Jack Reacher,’- he’s just acting!  Be sure to check out Tom’s ex-Army officer in vigilante action in the ‘Jack Reacher,‘ official trailer below…

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