‘One Shot’ Author Lee Child Praises Tom Cruise As ‘Jack Reacher’


More great ‘Jack Reacher‘ news out today for fans!

Tom Cruise, Lee Child (Cameo), and Rosamund Pike in a scene from ‘Jack Reacher.’

First, the release of an official 4th high-res still image from the movie featuring a cameo by none other than ‘Jack Reacher’ author Lee Child himself, and now, more Lee Child news for you… the ‘Jack Reacher’ creator appeared on CBS This Morning to promote the new Reacher novel, ‘A Wanted Man’ and share his feelings about the Tom Cruise  and director Christopher McQuarrie screen adaptation of his popular action-packed crime novel, ‘One Shot.’  Now, we know the film’s gonna be great, but it’s nice to hear it from, well, the guy who created ‘Jack Reacher’ himself!

While being interviewed by co-hosts Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell, Child said on the ‘CBS This Morning’ talk show,..

“It’s always tense when you move a character from a book to the screen.” He continued, “Always tense. I get that completely. But Cruise is a fantastic Jack Reacher.”

Watch the entire clip to hear more of Lee’s invaluable insights into how the film ‘Jack Reacher’ was made!

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‘Jack Reacher’ opens in theaters on December 21, 2012.

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