Apple Announces New iPhone 5. Is Hollywood’s Movie Tech Better?

Tom Cruise stars in 'Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol'

Tom used this tricked out iPhone featured exclusively in ‘Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol.’

On Wednesday September 12, 2012, the new Apple iPhone 5 was introduced to the world.  It has 5 rows of apps on the screen instead of 4.  It’s 18% thinner than the 4S.  The screen resolution is 1136 x 640, 19:6 aspect ratio.  A few online sources are already comparing it to versions that have appeared in Hollywood hits as far back as 1997!  Why?  Because this new iPhone won’t destroy aliens, prevent crime or save the world!

We all know where the ‘real cool’ is happening:  at the movies!  Nothing Apple announces is cooler than some of the off-the-hook tech gadgets we’ve seen in Tom’s and others movies.  In fact, Tom and director Brad Bird did Apple one better by featuring a tricked out iPhone and iPad in Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol.

While the world is lining up at Apple stores, we’re serving up some serious Hollywood genius by featuring below a few of the coolest gadgets conceived for films around the world.  After this blog, post in the comments section below your favorite high-tech toy from the movies.

The Neuralizer from 'Men in Black.'The Neuralizer (Men in Black, 1997)- Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star as Agent J and K, respectively.  Together, they save us from aliens in this uber-cool movie franchise. But they don’t do it alone.  With their silver cigar-looking wand, they can wipe clean the memory of anyone who learns about their secret mission: to keep the presence of aliens on Earth secret from us all.

Tom Cruise stars in 'Mission Impossible.'Explosive Chewing Gum (Mission Impossible, 1996)- “Hasta Lasanga, don’t get any on ya. You’ll have about 5 seconds.” Ethan Hunt is trying to figure out who framed him for the murders of his entire Mission Impossible Force team.  As he tackles this seemingly impossible challenge, he relies on the awesomely powerful “Red Light, Green Light Chewing Gum”.  Bend it in half, rubbing the red and green sections together and then THROOOOOOOOOW!  (You’ve got 5 seconds before it explodes and solves all of your problems).


Adam Sandler stars in 'Click.'Remote Control (Click, 2006)- you may not have seen this Adam Sandler comedy, but you’ve surely seen the endless display of universal remote controls available at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond (for our U.S. readers).  Imagine a remote control that with one click can enable you to skip back and forth through time?  Maybe one day soon.

'Krrish' was a summer blockbuster in India.

The Fortune Telling Machine (Krrish, 2006)- Hollywood doesn’t have a monopoly on being tech savvy. This beloved Bollywood movie featured the future gazing machine (even though we’ve seen others in a bunch of other less well known American films; The Time Machine, anyone?!).  As you can see from the source, what was cool about this gadget was the filmmakers didn’t cheese up the movie.  They kept it real and critics and audiences responded.

The original 'Star Wars' trailer.The Lightsaber (Star Wars, 1977)- come on, you know you want one.  Or you pretended to have one and fought off Darth Vader in your basement.  Combining elegance with just plain WOW, we think the late Steve Jobs might have been inspired by this iconic Jedi weapon.  If not, he surely wished he had one!

Steve Martin stars as 'The Jerk.'The Opti-Grab (The Jerk, 1979)- sometimes the coolest idea comes from the unlikeliest of people- like Steve Martin, in this hilarious Carl Reiner rags-to-riches-to-rags comedy. Martin played a gas station attendant who invents a way to keep glasses positioned securely on the nose- The Opti-Grab!  (Note to self: never invent anything that can make you cross-eyed)

The Puzzle Box featured in 'Hellraiser.'The Puzzle Box (Hellraiser, 1987)- horror movies usually feature knives and chains and crazed lunatics (who we love!). This gore fest from Clive Barker introduced us to the terrifying Pinhead.  But there would be no Pinhead without…The Puzzle Box.  A Lemarchand’s box is a mystical/mechanical device that acts as a door, or a key to a door, to another dimension or plane of existence.  Use at your own risk.  Seriously.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Invisibility Cloak (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 2001)- no post about cool gadgets is complete without mentioning the recent king of them all…Harry Potter.  For 10 years, we marveled at all of the magic he could conjure.  But none so exciting as that invaluable invisibility cloak.  Put it on and…disappear.  Come on, Apple…get on it!

Now it’s your turn.  In the comments section below, share with us about your favorite gadget from a movie.  Who knows?  Someone might be making it a reality any day now. 

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