Google Celebrates “Star Trek: The Original Series” 46th Anniversary with Interactive Doodle

To Boldly Go Where No Man (Or Woman) Has Gone Before!

Google Celebrate’s Star Trek’s 46th Anniversary!

The team at are HUGE Sci-fi fans (especially while Tom is working on ‘OBLIVION‘ and ‘ALL YOU NEED IS KILL‘!).

So we’re thrilled to discover today GOOGLE is honoring the 46th anniversary of the classic TV show, “STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES” with a super cool multi-screen interactive trek-fest doodle!

Google has put together an interactive DOODLE that must be seen to be believed. Combining their passion for all things tech with their love of TV history, today’s Doodle offers unique surprises to anyone who wants to click through the various features (One surprise includes TELEPORTING the ‘e’ and ‘G’ from the HOLODECK!)

Check it out!

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