Tom Cruise takes Jimmy Kimmel for a Zip Line Thrill Ride!

From South Africa to St. Lucia to San Diego, CA. ZIP LINES let anyone know the action packed thrill of being a Hollywood superhero.  From “THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN” to “HOME ALONE,” zip lines have been a reliable source of great drama.


Tom masters the zip line in Ghost Protocol


Now, you can suit up, hold your breath and take off on the adrenaline rush of your life. Remember when Tom fearlessly rode over HOLLYWOOD BLVD with JIMMY KIMMEL?

Check out the fan video below or more photos from the show on the Jimmy Kimmel Show Site

Want more thrills? Here are just three of the greatest zip lines around the world.  Have you ever braved a zip line?  Show us by posting your pic, video or story in the comments section below.

1.  Zip 2000 – The Extreme Adventure Slide – Sun City South Africa. UNREAL, the worlds longest and fastest zip slide. You can just picture Tom flying this awesome zip line- 2000m long and some 280m high with an average speed of 120 km/h.


2.  AdrenaLUNA Zip Line Tour – Moonlight Zipping at Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia. Imagine flying over the rain forest, lit only by the moon.  It’s not a scene from a Tom Cruise film.  It’s real.


3. Flightline Safari, San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park. San Diego, CA. This zip line takes animal lovers as high as 160 feet on a 470-foot run. But even better, you can be your own movie star thanks to the Flightline Helmet Cams that will record your exciting ride.


Now it’s your turn. Share with Tom and other fans your amazing videos, pics and/or stories about riding a zip line. Post today in the comments section below!

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