Great Sports Films: From High School Football To The Olympics

All The Right Moves still

Tom Cruise plays Stefen Djordjevic in the high-school football drama ‘All The Right Moves.’

With the 2012 Olympics raging full on in London, forgive us for being swept up in this avalanche of sports mania, but hey, who wouldn’t be captivated by individuals who spend four years training for what might be no more than 10 seconds of fleeting fame? So, yeah, we’re as susceptible as anyone to the hype and glory of athletics, and the current excitement has put us in mind of some of the great sports-themed movies of all time. With literally hundreds filling the category, picking just a few such films means barely skimming the surface. Our list will be as subjective as yours, but in all cases, the movies here never fail to give you that feeling that anything is possible.

What’s on YOUR list? We want to know which sports films YOU can’t live without. Hit us up in the comments section below. But before that, prepare for goose bumps.
Jerry Maguire Show Me The Money
Jerry Maguire isn’t an athlete himself, but the movie is a scathing indictment of greed in the world of sports. It also happens to be filled with three or four iconic movie moments. Here’s one of the most popular.

Rocky The Fight
It’s not always easy to remember that the first Rocky was a seriously good film. Stallone was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of the Italian Stallion. Here’s the enter fight scene with its iconic ending.

Chariots of Fire The 400 Meter Final
Track and field starts up soon in London, so as a warm up, we’ve included the final race in Chariots of Fire, which took place during the 1924 Olympics and is based on a true story.

All The Right Moves The Official Trailer
One of Tom’s first films, All The Right Moves is a gritty look at the aspirations of Stefen Djordjevic (Cruise), a high-school football player who hopes to earn a football scholarship and with it the chance for a life outside of his small, dying town

Hoosiers The Official Trailer
This movie makes most everyone’s list of favorites. Based on a true story, Hoosiers follows a high school basketball team in Indiana as they make a run for the state championship. Gene Hackman plays a coach with a controversial past who is looking for redemption.

Miracle The Famous Pre-Game Speech
Capturing one of the great moments in American Olympic history, Miracle chronicles the USA’s hockey team’s improbable run for gold in 1980 Olympic games. A feel good movie of epic proportions.

TISSUES ANYONE? What did we miss? Give us YOUR list of the best sports films in the comments section below.

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