The Villains of Mission: Impossible

Mission Impossible 4 still

Michael Nyqvist as Kurt Hendricks in ‘Mission: Impossible 4′ is out to set off a nuclear war.

Movie villains!!! Can’t live with them(they tend to be homicidal, self-serving, double-crossing, and just plain mean) and can’t live without them (what a boring trip to the cinema it  would be without someone to add heavy doses of unpredictability and pure venality!). But just as we all have a favorite Hollywood hero, most of us can pick an equally favorite villain, some unrepentant, merciless bad guy, or girl, whose monstrous behavior made us physically yearn for his or her demise. And when it came? Oh, the satisfaction! And let’s face it, so often the celluloid hero’s on-screen heroics are only as memorable as the dastardly deeds of his foul, ill-tempered opposite. In other words, the meaner the bad guys, the better the good guys.

The vast and sweeping canvas of Hollywood villainy is teeming with unforgettable antagonists, and we’re going to dig into that dangerous history over time, but for today we’re going to start off this festival of villainy with a look at bad boys from the Mission: Impossible series. In some cases, Ethan Hunt was battling a network of evil as opposed to one maniacal nut job, but the singular wackos are here, too. In our humble opinion, one of these guys below rates as one of Hollywood’s all-time evil doers…let’s see if you agree with us…on with the villainy! P.S. Be sure to tell us in the comments below who YOU think the villain(s) should be in Mission Impossible 5!

Mission: Impossible

Ethan Hunt Vs. Jim Phelps

While this clip brings the two masterminds of the story’s intrigue into one pyrotechnic scene, Ethan Hunt didn’t know exactly who the baddest of the bad guys was until the end of the movie. John Voight, as the rogue IMF agent Jim Phelps, takes the mantel of top evil doer, though he gets help from a number of double-crossing agents. Here, the French actor, Jean Reno (Franz Krieger), does his best to help Voight bring a messy end to Hunt. Not as dastardly as some villains, Phelps betrayal of the IMF adds to his evil. However, Voight’s 40-year acting career includes some deeply evil characters. In Uprising (2001)he played Jurgen Stroop,a German officer responsible for the destruction of the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II. In Runaway Train (1985) he played hardened criminal Manny Manheim, who escapes from prison only to find himself trapped on a runaway train in a frozen Alaska.

Mission: Impossible II

Ethan Hunt Vs. Sean Ambrose

Dougray Scott as the antagonistic Sean Ambrose has all the requisite venality necessary to the villain creed: a ruthless, conscienceless, homicidal desire to accomplish his aims. In this case, to unlease a deadly virus on the masses, the antidote to which he alone holds. If 17 million people perish as a result, oh, well. This fight scene takes place after one of the more memorable motorcycle chase scenes on film. Click Here To Watch It! Hunt and Ambrose battle to the death on the side of cliff with rocks and knives. A relative newcomer to American audiences when M:I 2 came out, Scott used his evil turn as Ambrose to highlight his thesbian range.

Mission: Impossible III

Ethan Hunt Vs. Owen Davian

The most intense of the four clips included here, this scene verges on the unbearable. Philip Seymour Hoffman as Owen Davian gives evil an extra twist, and wrings out a truly black portrait of wicked nastiness. His is the demise you eagerly hope for. Hoffman wasn’t known for his evil genius before this film but he was and is considered an extremely flexible and accomplished performer who finds the heart, black and otherwise, of all his characters. Owen Davian may live beyond this series as one of cinema’s masters of mean. He holds a special place on our list of guys you’d never want to meet in a dark alley.

Mission: Impossible IV

Ethan Hunt Vs. Kurt Hendricks

Kurt Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist), a Russian-born nuclear strategist, is hell bent on nuclear war. As someone supposedly well-acquainted with the potential fallout of such an act, he must contain a bottomless well of evil if setting off World War III doesn’t give him pause. This clip shows the infamous fight scene in the state-of-the-art car park and proves that Hendrick’s got some bite behind his nuclear bark. On a lesser note, the great Indian actor Anil Kapoor, puts in a effective cameo that is probably more creepy than evil, but is worth a mention. For his part, Nyqvist was not unfamiliar with villainy. Although he wasn’t the agent of evil, he played Mikael Blomqvist, a journalist looking for a missing person, in the original Swedish versions of The Millennium Series by author Steig Larson,a trilogy of films full of dark menace.

So…Who Do YOU think Should Be The NEXT Mission: Impossible Villain?
Tell us in the comments below who you think would make an unforgettable villain in  Mission: Impossible “5″…WHA HA HA!!!!

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  • AnneintheCity

    I’d like to say one of my favorites, The ROCK as a villain! He always plays the good guy, but I think this would be an amazing departure for him!

  • Kim Ross

    Ian McShane, Alan Rickman, or Gary Oldman. Three genius actors each as deliciously evil as the next :) or try a woman this time! Glen Close is always phenomenal!

  • Emanuele Valla

    I think Ryan Gosling should be a strong villain mind for MI5 :) :) :)

  • Dessha

    Well, that depends on what kind you want. If you want the type of actor that can be evil then you need to look no further than Tim Curry. Tom and Tim have already acted together in Legend where he played Darkness so, Tom knows he can play evil perfectly. Tim is great at being the evil mastermind behind a plot as well. The question is what kind of storyline you are considering. If you are looking for a bit younger of an actor then I would say Jason Issacs.

  • aldridge96

    Tom Hardy

  • Elizabeth Anne Hamilton

    I think Sean Bean makes an awesome villain.

  • PA

    Gary Oldman or Helen Mirren. Actually, female villan, that would be something. .

  • Shannon L Clements

    Okay, so I got four different people to try on for size. One is The King Pin from spiderman. The next is Chuck Norris. He would make a great fight scene. Even though he always plays the hero. That could actually be a plot twist. The two of you are out for the same guiy. He shows off and tries to take your spotlight. In the end you find out he had ulterior motives and trie to take you out after the job is done. Kind of like Tango and Cash only Tango tries to take out Cash in the end. Another good villain would be someone that knows the art of The Death Touch or Dim Mak. He could also be good with poisons as well. Poison daggers… poison gloves… the usual stuff. Another great villain would be, and this is the last one, Dr. Time from Batman.Even Batman couldn’t catch him

  • Stavros

    I think its time for find a young beautiful cunning and manipulative female villan. Preferably some one from Europe who is young, foreign and fluent.

  • Jordan Dey

    Vinnie Jones!

  • Natalie Singh

    I think that Jim Phelps should play the bad guy in MI:5. One reason – Jim Phelps = maniac!

  • Ricardo Schneider

    Gary oldman or
    Colin Farrell

  • MBJ

    The delightful John Malkovich….

  • itachi

    i want you tom cruise to be the villain for the next mission impossible movie you tom be the villain in the scenario be the villain and the hero u understand u can do that with an special scenario with in for example a one replicant of you in this next movie
    i hope to see mission impossible 5 tom!

  • Stephanie Page

    A real oddball twist, to the Mission Impossibles…Bringing a real flashback of Villians from old, would be ‘Zbigniew Krycsiwiki’ who was Karl Strombergs (Actor Kurt Jurgen) henchman otherwise known as #Jaws from the Bond movie ‘The Spy who Loved Me’…It would be a crazy twist if they were both in it! Another odball choice, yet simarly surreal, would be (For me) someone like ‘Dr Evil’ Austin Powers or ‘Mike Myers’ himself…Which brought me to ‘Telly Savalas’ (I think it was the lack of hair that did that!) to whereby i just found out he is in Spirit World! O_o
    So Dr No Kojak in #MI5 But…I will come up with a list of likely and unlikely characters! Some serious villians! Dodgy characters, as well as pure entertainment, comdey and “What is HE doing in that” kinda surrealism yet whatever happens? #MI5 is gonna rock our screens as it usually does…LOVE these films! I #EatAndSleep My Missions! And talking of sleep? *It IS that time!*
    I choose to ACCEPT my mission!

  • Stephanie Page

    And…(Just to add!) I see that someone else has already suggested him on your Twitter Tom, but I too think-and thought before I read it-that ‘Daniel Craig’ WOULD make an excellent choice for #MI5 Which would be rather uncanny if he was as he is already #MI5 *Double Whammy!* It would mean, that you could relax a bit for #6…It would definately hit the cinemas hard if he was in it! For that twist! Without it knocking you from YOUR spot either! You ARE #EthanHunt Mr Cruise and NOBODY can take that away from you! #Ever! You are irreplaceable with this role! #DanielCraig I dread to think what villains I am going to dream of now in my sleep! Just as long as they dont get THROUGH my window whilst I am sleeping again! :D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rhon Taylor

    Denzel Washington will be a good match for Ethan Hunt.

  • Amey Hule

    Dominic Purcell

  • Maciej Kuba Musiał

    Imo, it should be someone who worked with Hunt in M:i. Or sb from IMF. Will you accept that mission, agent Hunt?

  • Stephanie Page

    Christopher Biggins…Full of life, character….Typically #British and
    unusal enough to play a villain to suit…Not your typical villian but this
    IS… #MI5 And we already have our very curteous Hollywood star…I think it
    would be cool to really use that #British meaning of #MI5 and totally make this
    #English Mr Bean? Rowan Atkinson? The REAL ‘Johnny English’…Go on! Throw that
    spanner in the works…*Its a special movie* and It would be a first or him and
    us were he to play a role as serious as this but considering his past acting
    qualities/experience (Blackadder Days) he could be THE villian
    ‘Blackadder’…Every single villain I am imagining is JUST that…Rather than
    scroll through google IN search, I am awaiting what my brains sees! *Just a few
    more to add!* ‘Black Add’…AND there will be more! *My thinking cap is on* My
    #EthanNetCable is still connected and…Sleep NOR food has enticed me away from
    this mission!

    Catherine Tate…I need say any more on Catherine…She holds her
    own…Another sincerely British unusual character…

    Ok…Im gonna go away for a bit and think of some more less likely and more
    underdog, underground types…

    Phil Collins…He pulled off Buster…Just another nice ‘British Face’ to
    give it some welly…Again, I dont think you’d have to have any worry with #MI6
    as you can make that normal again…Just this one! Take people ‘Up’…Get the
    viewings in, then carry on as normal as if nothin ever happened with the rest
    for a couple of years!

    Ok…I want to find and old character! Someone unexpected…Someone like ‘Dr
    Hanibal Lecture’ (Sir Anthony Hopkins) who would also make an unusual choice,
    but I am still thinking someone old…For a change…Ian McKellen…I would say
    ‘Sean Connery’ too…I will put them both as a n older man choice!

    Here is a young man we havent seen in a while…Johnny Lee Miller…Ewan
    McGregan, both old co-stars of ‘Trainspotting’ could work…This is gonna be a
    big one! Ricky Gervais?! He would look good in an office!

    Last but not least before I hail to bed…

    X Men…

    There are some unruly characters in that! FAILING all of those? I will go
    onto possible ‘Pop Stars’ or someone like Eddie Izzard etc…You could always
    Hollywood this one up and get another big Hollywood Actor in if you REALLY
    wanted! Really rip Ethan to bits in this one…Put him through his paces! We
    all know he’s gonna come out alive so…Its the movies! Have him upstaged even
    virtually throughout…Make it a REALLY difficult mission for him!

    The ideas and cast ideas will go on and on!

    Its time to sleeeeep!

    See you tomorrow! Mission NEARLY accomplished!

    Or…Mission just STARTED?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Stephanie Page

    And so, I awoke today with some more ideas for #MI5 Nobody knows the plot yet, and even so, a very small but well respected actress, one of ‘My’ favourites and depending on the script? You could get someone AS strong and independent as ‘Jodie Foster’…So beautiful, sweet, yet the want to see a huge contrasting change in roles and character would be a pretty cool thing…Then my mind reverts to ‘Twelve Monkeys’…Again depending on the script, you can bring male OR female into the equation…Withou knowing the plot, one cannot currently lose it!
    Liam Neeson (A someone already suggested) ‘Kevin Spacey’ is a known and strong enough male actor to tak on board the villain role! Will #MI5 beseeing our lovely Ethan travelling abroad? I was about to embark on a Yugoslavian/Russian journey until I just realised you have already had #Russion actors in #MI So…China? *It would bring you a Jackie Chan* Offering a female name, to a VERY action packed manly movie! VERY well known for all his roles, you would have no fear of how well the movie sold! Maybe Chan is a little too commercial? ‘Lucy Lui’ (Charlies Angels) could always play his daughter in this neighboring role!
    Ok…Before I go out, I will embark on a couple more, off the top of my head…As you can tell, I am taking my mission very seriously! *Of course* A job isnt worth doing unless its done properly…Is it Ethan?!
    Russell Brand, on the #English #MI5 theme still…
    Some random actors to throw in…Leonardo De Capricio…Jennifer Anniston…Both well kempt and can easily fill the vacant boots…
    Some NOT so well known actors, yet British? ‘Hugh Bonneville’ which is rather uncanny as, I went to #Bonneville ‘Primary & Infants’ shcool as a small child and my headmasters name was ‘Mr Hunt’…I have always been reminded of him anyway thanks to Ethan! Hugh could work well with someone like Ewan McGregor (As prementioned)…
    Well? I have to be off now #MI5 but my mission is far from complete! I look forward to what villains mind will bring you during the progress of the day!
    See you when I get back!
    Oh and…Is Keria Knightly too strong a female? Would she clash with Cruise? I could envisage so many to fit various roles…I am getting exited to wonder who you ‘Have’ cast!
    Ok, my helicopter (Which looks remarkably like a London bus) awaits…

  • Ian Phoenix

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie from Game of Thrones), he’s charming, can pull off cruel, and could easily slip into a role like Sean Bean in Goldeneye (best friend/partner gone rogue).

  • Stephanie Page

    I am back…And, my mind is on my mission! ‘Midget Actors’… #MI5 can
    go where the writers want to take it…Ghost Protocol had much humour which
    changed and somewhat challenged my typical expectations of what seemed until,
    an impossible task of bringing wit into ‘It’… #MI5 is a serious game, and the
    tense drama that is usually always is, was very cleverly averted to make us see
    Ethan and his crew in a whole new light, as they sailed through their
    tasks…The Krypton Factor….Big Brother?

    No…Only #MissionImpossible can make and take us on such a journey and

    Midget Villains…

    I can imagine, a tiny actor, putting Tom through his paces, as in and
    out of pipes and buildings this man could flee…Causing astronomical
    destruction…And talking of stars? A cameo appearance from ‘Patrick
    Moore’…Could he enlighten? A mission maybe to Brighton?


    It is for me to find #Villains

    My mind, now reverted to ‘Police Academy’…Something which I saw
    recently…And ‘Bobcat Goldthwait’ could be your man, with his distinctive
    voice, instant recognition…A cat amongst the pigeons, a catastrophic
    cast…Giving people what they don’t always expect leaves an element of

    Elementary dear #Watson

    Don’t be afraid! Could Jude be on the wrong side ‘Of’ himself (The law)
    were he too to make a Cameo appearance, alongside a crook, battered, bruised,
    blue in the face thug…Lets say…
    …someone like Steve Buscemi? Vincent Shiavelli? Pete Postlethwaite? Michael Berryman? Ron Perlman? Benedict Cumberbatch? Eddie Murphy?! (Ha!) Forest Whitaker? :)

    Denzil Washington! A great actor, and this time, he would have the
    chance to get his own back! A ‘Collateral Collaboration’ of past and present
    and wow…That would be some major twist to the story line!

    Morgan Freeman, Val Kilmer…Sanjay Dutt…I could go on, and on and…

    Jason Stratham…

    How many great actors are there?! *Of course* None…None would ever win
    over #Ethan So love Tom as this character! Brilliant and I wonder how reminiscent
    of #MI reality it really is?

    If its any consolation?

    ……………..I believe them


    ‘Love it’ are not the words but they
    will suffice ………………..

    …until my next mission at least,
    and I still don’t know if I have finished THIS one yet!

    Wow what a mission this is turning out to

    Time for lunch!

    But first I must check to see if
    there are any explosive devices or wires attached to my fridge…Thats strange? Someone has changed it to the
    ‘Coldizt’ temperature setting there is? I must concentrate…I have crossed wires…Which one do I……
    …”CUT!” (The Director)

  • felixlee4

    chow yun fat or ken watanabe.christopher nolan should directing MI:5

  • Afrodite Petridou

    I feel that for this movie, the villain should be a gorgeous, yet evil woman. A woman who can magnetise men with her beautiful face and perfect body.And of course, a woman who is a natural bad ass, like Angelina Jolie.