Tom Cruise Sings Bon Jovi’s ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ From ‘Rock Of Ages’

Stacee Jaxx Sings ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’


Tom’s research for the ‘Rock of Ages‘ Stacee Jaxx role and Bon Jovi song, ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive” included several conversations with Jon Bon Jovi…we were able to film Tom recording in the the Jim Hensen studio’s in Los Angeles and hope to share that behind the scenes footage with you one day soon…


Tom sings ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ as Stacee Jaxx…

The Bon Jovi original…

  • ana abreu


  • sondie

    Tom did a really good job on this song!


    I like a lot your version Tommy-Stacee Jaxx!!! :-) I think it is a soft rock version, because it sounds warm, calm and sweet!!!! ;-) Anyway, I think that the style of youre voice is better for sing pop melodic music (like some Brian Addams, Phill Collins, Michelle Buble, etc.), or maybe latin “boleros” too!!! (some Armando Manzanero or Luis Miguel songs…) Could be grate!!!! :-D Try it, handsome!!!! :-) Music business is waiting for you, and fans too!!! Love you, cute. ;-)

    Professional pop singer (from Argentina)

  • Arlene Weiss

    Tom, your musical talents & vocals are just amazing and just electrifying & spellbinding. I greatly recommend and would love for you to do a side recording & music project aside from your acting just like alot of actors like Kevin Costner, Hugh Laurie, Gary Sinise & Russell Crowe have done…when you have down time from your films..please consider doing a rocking album of songs like this. I would love it! Musical talent & artistic gifts this wonderful should see more light of day! I hope some music/record industry mogul sees this and gives you a record deal! What a rocker!!

  • Lea

    I love Tom Cruise. He lives life fully and makes no excuses. Awesome job.

  • nazish daniel

    hi sir, iam your big fan,love you so much. and i wish you live happy n joy full life love you again, uuuuummmmmaah…..

  • Laurelin*

    loved your singing voice Tom!

  • http://www.AmericanClassifieds.TV/ American Classifieds

    Tom looks cool in this movie.

  • Dina

    Love this version a lot!

  • Dana

    I enjoyed the movie and singing

  • Disneypal

    Wonderful !!!

  • Elcind

    Wow is all I can say about this movie and Tom Cruise in it! Didn’t know what to expect and loved it!!! I’m an 80′s girl and Tom fan from my college days in the 80′s. Don’t care what anyone says I will always be a huge TC fan!!! Gonna buy the soundtrack.

  • AlGirlinTN

    Loved it!!

  • Karina Maldini

    The super! Tom very well sings!