Motorcycle Mania—Great Two-Wheeled Chase Scenes!

Mission Impossible Tom Cruise Motorcycle

We’re stating the obvious here, but most anything with an engine and capable of moving at dangerously rapid speeds has probably been filmed with Tom in it, and not just for a movie. The guy just likes to go fast, on set and off. To pay homage to that “need for speed”, we hunted down some of the best motorcycle chase scenes we could find. We won’t call this search exhaustive, but there is some intense, over-the-top action here. We hit you with muscle car chases in an earlier blog, now we’re focusing on two-wheeled rapid transit.

We’ve got a little Ethan Hunt for you, a little James Bond, some Matrix and more. It’s no surprise that Tom’s a Ducati fan, and the venerable bike eats up choice real estate in some hairpin action below. You can even check out Tom and Cameron Diaz at the premiere of Knight And Day in Seville, Spain, where they recreated stunts from the movie on, you guessed it, a Ducati.

Have we missed your favorite motorcycle chase scene? Tell us about it in the comments section below or enlighten us via one of the TC social media channels.

Okay, this way for the action. Ciao!

Mission: Impossible 2
Ethan Hunt races to save Nyah while the bad guy Sean Ambrose gives chase. Bikes and bullets fly.

The Matrix Reloaded
Trinity pushes the limits on her Ducati, giving the two-wheeled chase genre a heart-in-your-throat classic.

The Great Escape
Steve McQueen in one of the first great motorcycle scenes on film. He did most of his own stunts.

The Dark Knight
Batman takes the batpod for a roll and meets The Joker, who’s in a laughing mood. This may not be a bike you’ll find on a lot somewhere, but it’s a blast all the same.

Knight And Day
Tom and Cameron give a quick but high-speed and acrobatic turn in this scene on the narrow streets of Seville, Spain.

Never Say Never Again
Of course, James Bond can ride a motorcycle! This scene gets props for the cool choreography.

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  • loveit

    I think you should add the Top Gun clip – although not heart pumping action – you feel Mavericks love for motorcycles, jets and his “need for speed” as he races the jet on his motorcycle.

  • Aran Pinks

    There’s a great chase scene in Fled, with Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin on bright red Ducattis.

  • AlGirlinTN

    MI: II is one of my all time favorite TC movies!!! The cycle scenes are the best!!