Les Grossman, Jennifer Lopez And Ludacris Get Back—Way Back to 2009, Tropic Thunder and the MTV Movie Awards

Since Les Grossman bullied his way into the new profile pic at  Facebook and Twitter today, we thought it was only right and proper that Les should also show off his other attributes–that’s right, his funky-fresh A-Type Alpha male gonna blow a gasket self getting fly to Ludacris’s “Get Back.” Yes, we mean the final dance scene from Tropic Thunder, in all its splendor and glory! And below that, we’ve got the Les Grossman/Jennifer Lopez MTV Movie awards surprise as well as Ludacris himself digging in to the original version of ‘Get Back,’ huge hands and all! (We detect a theme here;).

Les Grossman doing an little executive stress relieving break down over the final credits in Tropic Thunder

Les Grossman also made a surprise appearance at the MTV Movie awards that year and threw down with Jennifer Lopez while Ludacris provided the beats….

And then there’s the original song/video that inspired Les Grossman’s executive relaxation techniques, ‘Get Back’ by Ludacris…


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  • http://twitter.com/sidefarm Karol Douglas

    Oh wow! I was living on campus and had no TV back then – I’ve never seen the Les Grossman/ Luda/ JLo at MTV awards clip. So hilarious! Tom has the moves! Work it! #getback