Tom Brings The Pain— Samurai Style: Epic Sword Fight O’Fury In This ‘The Last Samurai’ Movie Clip

Tom Cruise – The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise, as ‘Nathan Algren’, fights off his attackers in this epic sword fight scene from the ‘The Last Samurai’…FACT: Tom trained 5hrs a day for one year to prepare for the sword-fighting scenes…

FILM SYNOPSIS (From user generated Synopsis): The film begins in the summer of 1876, introducing Captain Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise), a disenchanted ex-United States Army captain and an alcoholic, who is traumatized by his experience fighting in the Civil War and the Indian Wars. In the years following his army service, Algren makes his living by relating war stories to gun show audiences in San Francisco, an experience which further hampers his mental state. Fed up with Algren’s perpetual drunkenness, his employer fires him, forcing Algren to accept an invitation by his former commanding officer Colonel Bagley (Tony Goldwyn), whom Algren deeply hates and blames for his waking nightmares after his role in the massacring of Indians. Bagley approaches him with an offer on behalf of a Japanese businessman, Mr. Omura (Masato Harada), to help the new Meiji Restoration government train the new Western-style Imperial Japanese Army. Assisting them are Algren’s old army colleague Sergeant Zebulon Gant (Billy Connolly) and Simon Graham (Timothy Spall), a British translator with a deep interest in the samurai.

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