Thank You For The Overwhelming Birthday Love!!!

A few of the amazingly beautiful birthday cards and greetings you made for Tom…

Tom B-Day Book

Here’s a picture of the 81-page book of just SOME of YOUR birthday greetings we sent to Tom. YOU GUYS ROCK!


Hey guys, we’re back from the July 4th holiday and we wanted to THANK YOU for all the love you showed Tom on his birthday, July 3rd!!!!! You blew it up!!!! On a huge day for Tom—His 50th Birthday (and the release of the first Jack Reacher trailer)—you guys were absolutely amazing in pouring on the birthday love!!! The overwhelming support and incredible outpouring of love stunned us with its sheer volume, international greetings and heart felt sentiment for Tom! And we can honestly tell you that your wishes, pictures, graphics, personal videos and voice recordings—and the simple fact that so many took time to say Happy Birthday—meant the world to Tom on this big day. And, just as we mentioned, ALL of the birthday wishes have been compiled, printed up book style,  and sent to Tom in Iceland, on the set of Oblivion, where he continues to work on the upcoming sci-fi epic!

SO!.. this fan-appreciation blog is to recognize the birthday love you showed Tom by showing you some love back! We’ve gathered a bunch of your B-Day greeting—pictures, videos, voice recordings, and even an epic poem by Jenny at Facebook—and compiled them here to share with you all! You guys, our extended #TeamTC family, are the GREATEST fans in the world! Tom and TeamTC sincerely appreciate and value your unwavering love and support throughout the years! Now, without further adieu, the birthday wishes you so graciously shared with Tom!

Luisa created an amazing Beatle-y Birthday card for Tom!

Yuri (@MuumuuYurixmiss) got creative!

Jenny Coxon, over at Facebook, wrote Tom an EPIC Birthday poem!..

B-Day Poem Twitter

Facebook Screen Shots

@Smule chimed in with some chill Birthday Greetings for Tom!

@Smule wishes Tom Happy 50th Birthday Smule style!

The Tom Cruise fans from China, contributed to the spirit of the day with 85 pages of loving birthday messages to Tom, here’s just a few… Birthday Messages for Tom 1

Weibo Birthday Messages For Tom 2

Weibo Birthday Messages For Tom 3


Happy Birthday Screen Shot

Mike went BIG with a Tom tattoo!

Tom Cruise Tattoo

Facebook B-day Posts

Tom’s friends at in Japan, sent their love…

Tom Cruise Birthday Love From Japan!

Tom Cruise Birthday Love From Japan!

B-Day Screen Shot

B-day tweet

And to top it all off, the first trailer for Jack Reacher came out on Tom’s Birthday! You guys and Jack Reacher made Tom’s 50th Birthday a KICK ASS day! Thank you from Tom and the Team at!!!! 

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  • Alice Sercy

    Sorry I didnt make the cut on your birthday Tom, maybe next year.

  • Shoaib Ali Quraishi

    Tom wish you belated Birthday as of now once again, I did it on the day too.
    Like your style and attitude. Been your fan in my younger days. Always felt to be like you. And specially the nose like you i dream of. Hope life will do justice to you, your family and the noblest cause of serving the people through any of the institute. The cause is admirable and scientific. Wish you all the best.

  • Tereza Martins

    Happy birthday Tom!!!

  • rose hanane1

    happy birth day tom..wish u&my self all the best of the best cos it’s my BD too..hope all ur dreams come wishes for u&ur familly..luv

  • Tereza Lau

    Hi Happy Birthday from Brazil I wish hapiness,love and welfare.I love You.Take a care:)

  • becky

    Happy Birthday!

  • Jerrye Albert

    I didn’t realize this was Tom’s birthday! Happy belated birthday to you, Tom. You are a great being! With Affinity, Jerrye Albert

  • Nermeen Ahmed

    Happy Birthday Tom Cruise . I Love You

  • Karen

    Tom Cruise and the TC Team are amazing, love YOU!!!

  • Dina


  • mildred lane

    happy belated birthday,Tom. Wishing u lots of luck and happiness. Remember when one door closes ,another one opens.

  • Yulia Debalchuk

    Happy Birthday Tom! From Russian Scientologists!

  • Heidemarie Franken

    I wish you, dear Tom, a happy and lucky birthday. You are an amazing and fantastic actor.
    Since “Top Gun” I’ m in Love with you. God bless you and your family.
    In deep love – Heidi

  • Tebs

    hi guys.. i’ve just opened my e-mail today & tom cruise mail was on top of the list :D
    i just like to greet him a belated HBD & it so happened we shared the same birth date..
    Belated HBD to Me & to you Tom :D

  • Jessie Ditusa

    i hope ur 50th was the best ever,just knowin we share a bday,50 don’t feel so bad after all. always your biggest “fan”

  • bookjunkie

    my favourite actor of all time and someone I would love to meet. He seems so kind to his fans and down to earth. My fave Tom Cruise Movie – Cocktail – defined my young teenhood.

  • Vanessa Wohnrath

    I’m sad that you have not published the photo of the birthday cake I made for Tom. I sent to Twitter and Facebook and has not been published :O( Take a look! Vanessa Wohnrath – São Paulo/Brazil.

  • Anita

    Wszystkiego Najlepszego! Sto Lat!!!xxx

  • Julia

    Tom, Happy Birthday. Best wishes to you for your future happiness. I am sure you will find a lady who loves you forever and ever. Take care.

  • Alexandra

    Love and light always
    your fan

  • Andrea Flores

    la tecnoloia ha resultado ser maravillosa, hace años uno soñaba con estar cerca de las personas que más admiramos y hoy gracias a ello puedo decir FELICIDADES TOM!!, que tu vida se vea colmada de cosas que alimente n tu ser de amor y salud, abrazs y besos desde el Estado de México

  • Vanessa Wohnrath

    Take a look in the cake I made for Tom’s birthday! Kisses from Brazil!

  • Paige Brazell

    Happy late Birthday Tom! Thank you for all the talent and grace you have shown us through the years. Always being in the spotlight can’t be easy however you have done so with grace and poise. You are one of the most talented actors of our time and I feel so blessed to have experienced your visions and talents that you have so graciously shared with us all! I hope this next year and beyond will bring you overwhelmingly happiness, love and joy.
    Paige Brazell

  • Jason Cruise

    Happy Birthday Cousin Tom Cruise Jack Reacher From Suri Conna Isbella Cousin David Boreanaz Bones Angel Jamie Bergerman Jaden Bella Jaden Bardot Cousin Jason Cruise Familey

  • saif crusie

    wish you happy lucky birthday
    stay blessed. and live longer

  • thebarbecuemast

    happy birthday you look like your 35