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Youtube Your Film Festival Contest

In a February blog we tipped you off to YouTube’s “Your Film Festival 2012” contest. The global competition was open to “any format short-film, web-series episode, TV pilot and any genre.” Entries were accepted until March 31th, 2012.

It turns out more than 1500 submissions were accepted from over 160 countries! Those 1500 entries were then vetted by Scott Free Productions, the production company of Ridley and Tony Scott. They picked the top 50, which are now available on YouTube for all to watch and vote on. You have until July 31th to make your selection — and it won’t be easy: The world is full of talented filmmakers. From this group of 50, 10 finalist will be selected based on your votes, then flown to the Venice Film Festival where they will compete for a $500,000 film grant. Yes, this is serious business.

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Team TC has done a little vetting of its own, and while we haven’t seen all 50 and aren’t making the case for one film over another, we have included a few below that we found to be well-crafted and entertaining. So, take a look, then head over to the Your Film Festival channel at YouTube to see the rest.

Letting Go
Country: South Africa
Story: An old lady, on her death bed, is visited by a man in a suit, whose job is to convince her to die having forgiven the pains of her past.

The Debt Collector
Country: USA
Story: Hoovy Nash is an aging gunslinger turned debt collector for the bank in Oklahoma during the 1930s. When a collection goes awry a little girl is left orphaned. Saving the girl could be his way into heaven or it might just be his ticket straight to hell.

Skatesistan:To Live And Skate In Kabul
Country: United Kingdom
Story: This is a beautifully shot film that follows the lives of a group of young skateboarders in Afghanistan.

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