The Best Moments At The MTV Movie Awards

MTV Movie Awards

Les And Jen Shake It Up—And Down The Stage

The MTV Movie Awards are all about SPECTACLE, so what better way to end your weekend than by tuning in Sunday night, 9 PM EST, to what will undoubtedly be a full-blown celebrity fandango, complete with A-List fireworks and unpredictable and unforgettable action!?  And that’s The MTV Movie Awards on a slow night. This year the incomparable Russell Brand will man the mike—so if you’re feint of heart or prefer to avoid awkward situations—tune in anyway—you need some excited in your life!

Besides, as we told you in a recent blog, Tom is up for two awards for his work in Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol: Best Gut-Wrenching Performance and Best Fight. Watching the show for these clips alone will be a night well spent.

If you’re not sure what the excitement is about, here’s some background. recently wrote about The 20 Most Memorable Moments at the MTV Movie Awards to offer fans a refresher on what can be expected this weekend. As you can imagine, that list included both the shock and awe that you expect from MTV( Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen sucking face!) and the purely engaging (Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams reenacting The Notebook kiss, which just about brought the house down).

Included in that roundup of our culture’s great moments are not ONE but TWO! Les Grossman performances. And before the fat suit, Cruise and Crooze left an indelible mark on the young minds of our nation in yet another TC moment at MTV’s big show. So, Sunday night, who knows what might happen? Chances are good, though, that you’ll be hearing about it Monday morning. So catch it live yourself. #TeamTC will be watching.

Cruise Mentors Crooze
Watch as Tom Cruise nurtures his beloved stunt double Tom Crooze.


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