‘Jack Reacher’ Sneak Peek Scenes Show Tom Cruise As Menacing Jack Reacher


One Shot Cover Art, One Shot ArtThe Jack Reacher era is coming soon, and to commemorate what could be a lengthy franchise, Paramount released some selected scenes from the film to whet audience appetites and to show just how seamlessly Tom has taken over the Jack Reacher character.

As part of the opening ceremony at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, the annual theater-owners convention, the three scenes show Tom embodying the essence of Reacher in typical Reacher style: By rearranging the menacing mugs of so-called toughs and by displaying his outsider sensibilities coupled with an unparalleled survival instinct.

Entertainment Weekly’s in-depth piece captures all the fun in Vegas—along with a pre-recorded message from Tom about Lee Child’s acceptance of him as Reacher—so we’ve brought the entire article to you below.  Reacher fans will be thrilled to finally hear some choice details about the upcoming film.

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