Adam Shankman and Mary J. Blige Talk Rock Of Ages


As Rock of Ages continues its sound check before the big screen debut in June, Adam Shankman and Mary J. Blige gave separate interviews recently. The director and hip-hop Diva raved about their time on the film—despite the on-set escape of a baboon that could have eaten someone’s face off—and had kind words about Tom Cruise, his work ethic and his singing. Shankman and Blige also professed their love for 80′s music.

In an interview with MTV News, Shankman covered many ROA-related topics, including his experience with the music covered in the film.  He told Amy Wilkinson that the 80′s was his time period. He graduate from high school in 1982 and his father had an office on Sunset Boulevard.

“I saw my first concert at the Roxy. I was choreographing music videos in ’87 when, it happens, I actually choreographed a video for someone whose music is in the movie,” said Shankman.

When asked about a favorite number from the film, Shankman had this to say: “I never cease to be in awe of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” because it was Tom on his first day of shooting, and he spent the day performing it for a giant crowd, and Def Leppard showed up on set and were there. That was an incredibly crazy, magical day.”

Hip Hop Glam Rock
Although there is little chance that Mary J. Blige’s sound will ever be confused for, say, Whitesnake’s, she was not immune to the rock scene of the 1980′s. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she copped to a few favorites from the period.

“I grew up watching MTV, when Journey was huge, when Pat Benatar had “Love is a Battlefield,” and my friends and I used to cut school to watch this women in the video. We loved Pat Benatar.”

Blige says her parents exposed her to all kinds of music, and although she was “a full hard-core hip-hop head” at the time, she was able to appreciate a wide variety of artists.

What exactly was the allure of Pat Benatar to one of hip-hop’s reigning queens?  Well, here’s the video that Blige cut school to watch.

Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield”

Based on the Tony-nominated Broadway musical, Rock of Ages tells the tale of a small-town girl and a young man from South Detroit who follow their rock-star dreams to Los Angeles in 1987. Rock of Ages stars Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand (@rustyrockets), Mary J. Blige (@MaryJBlige), Bryan Cranston, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Diego Boneta (@DiegoBoneta) and Julianne Hough (@JulianneHough).

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