Catch The Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol IMAX Experience Before It Falls Off The Screen

 IMAX MI4 Poster

If you haven’t seen Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in IMAX, time is running out.  On January 20th the fourth installment in the M:I franchise ends its engagement on most IMAX screens—and with it goes the chance to witness some of the most awe-inspiring footage shot in this format.

The 70mm IMAX camera brings a clarity and vividness to the movie experience that is unmatched by 35mm film. Director Brad Bird said he chose IMAX for the bright, sharp imagery and the intense visceral feeling the format creates on the screen. For those reasons, some of Tom’s most daring stunts are captured with this unique camera, including the scenes on the Burj Khalifa, the Kremlin explosion and the climactic car-park scene. In fact, in the video below, Bird mentions the vertigo some viewers experienced when confronted with the huge IMAX screens. About 30 minutes of the film was shot in 70mm, so if you had the pleasure of seeing it on a traditional screen, catching it on IMAX in its final week will add another layer of awe to the experience.


In case you’re waffling about whether to take in this visual treat, check out what fans had to say after catching M:I4 on IMAX.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol had a record December opening for an IMAX film, and to date has grossed $509,447,000 in all theaters worldwide.

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  • Magne

    No IMAX in Norway- bummer.
    But I will enjoy the movie when it arrives here