Jerry Maguire Star Cuba Gooding Jr Now on Facebook and Twitter

Cuba & Tom JM

We at would be seriously remiss if we didn’t show some love to the immensely gifted “Show Me The Money” ‘Jerry Maguire co-star, Cuba Gooding Jr., by getting out the word that he’s just launched on Facebook and Twitter. Fans can now stay in touch with the talented actor and follow his career more closely—and we can show you what we mean by immensely talented.

Follow Cuba on Twitter here: @jrcubagooding

Gooding has appeared in more than 50 films, and has left a trove of memorable characters for posterity to marvel at. Our favorite, however, will be no surprise to Tom Cruise fans. Find out more about Cuba and his career at his IMDB page.

In case you haven’t watched Jerry Maguire recently, here is the scene that will forever live in Hollywood history as the classic that introduced the iconic phrase, “Show Me The Money,” into popular culture. Enjoy, and check out Cuba on Facebook.


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  • Mandy Williams

    hi mr cruise love the film,and u did show him the money xxx

  • Gisela

    I Love Tom. And all about his work and successful career…But of course the “opening Music” from Ghost Protocol! …And…I, would like to know the name of the Big Band at the beginning..Thank you very much from MEXICO!! from the bottom of my heart :D