LIVE BLOG! Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Premiere in New York City. Tom Cruise And M:I Cast Walk The Red Carpet

The IMF crew is back. After weeks of traveling the world to bring it the Word of Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise, Brad Bird, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and others make their triumphant US return for the New York City premiere of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  Catch all the red-carpet action — live updates, pictures and videos — from the Ziegfeld Theatre starting at 5:30 EST.  If you submitted a question to us through the social channels, stay tuned to see if it makes the red carpet.

That’s a wrap! The red carpet is empty, the fans have gone home, and the US premiere of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is underway at the Ziegfeld Theatre. But check back tomorrow for exclusive video of Tom and the cast of M:I 4 answering the questions you asked!  Thanks everyone for taking the time to be part of the show.

7:30 pm EST: Ever the consummate professional, Tom took time to answer reader questions about dangerous stunts and finding the heart of very different roles such as Ethan Hunt and Stacee Jaxx.

7:25 pm EST: The show has started inside, but as usual Tom is still hanging with fans and acknowledging their support.


7:23 pm EST: The tweets are in! Check out what fans had to say about the NYC premiere of M:I4.

Red Carpet Tweets M:I4 NYC

7:20 pm EST: The typically scruffy Josh Holloway makes his M:I4 premiere.


7:18 pm EST: Taking up the producer’s mantle this time around, J.J. Abrams talks about the pressure to make this M:I bigger and better than the others and what an education it is to work with Tom Cruise.


7:15 pm EST: Producer/Director J.J. Abrams, who was at the helm for M:I3, takes the time to talk shop with the international press.

7:13 pm EST: Famous Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor’s villainous turn in M:I4 is garnering rave reviews from fans and critics.

7:12 pm EST: Everybody wants a few minutes with Tom. The impressive array of media from around the world gets its time with the M:I4 star.

7:02 pm EST: The radiant and very gracious Paula Patton answers a reader question about working with the IMF’s most death-defying agent.

6:55 pm EST: Paula Patton arrives in stunning fashion! She played a physical role in M:I4, and said she loved every minute of it.

6:50 pm EST: You asked, and Simon Pegg provides the answer about the best part of his return role as Benji Dunn.


6:47 pm EST: Simon Pegg, the comic relief of M:I4, takes questions and drops a few one-liners, no doubt. And check out the full beard.

6:46 pm EST: M:I4 director Brad Bird takes some time to answer a question from fans about the challenges of his first live-action film.

6:45 pm EST: M:I4 director Brad Bird, here to inaugurate his first live-action film after a string of legendary animated hits, talks with the press.

6:40 pm EST:  Tom on the red carpet dressed to the nines and looking every bit the man of the moment.

6:33 pm EST:  Baby, it’s cold outside! Throngs of fans brave the bitter cold for a chance to meet and greet the cast of M:I4.

6:25 pm EST: Check out this panaramic shot of the red carpet. It takes a village to pull off premieres of this magnitude.

6:15 pm EST:  Tom wastes no time getting to fans, shaking hands, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

6:07 pm EST: Tom hits the red carpet.

6:03 pm EST: A fan weighs in on her favorite M:I4 star.

6:00 pm EST: Tom has arrived at the Premiere! Fans wait with M:I posters and uncapped pens, ready for their autograph moment.

5:51 pm EST: Check out the media blitz on the red carpet before the big names arrive.

5:45 pm  EST: The red carpet continues to fill up, and check out the IMF agent ride!


5:30 pm EST:  The first pictures are in from the New York Permiere! The red carpet is filling up and the crowd is growing excited.







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    I wish I could be there. I’ll catch MI4 this Wednesday at least. :D

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    Saw the movie yesterday. It’s AWESOME!!!

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    Movie was so awesome. Tom will always be “The Man”! Action from start to finish,loved it,loved it a lot.Congratulation Tom and Crew.Great job. More power guys.

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  • Bridget

    Simon thanks for the laughs herrhehe :)

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