‘War of the Worlds’ Question For Day 4 of the Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection Trivia Challenge

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For all of you who are curious about the correct answer to our Trivia Challenge question below, here it is!


When Ray’s ex-wife drops off their kids for the weekend she comments on a car engine in Ray’s kitchen. What type of car engine is it?

A: A 302 V8 engine.

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We’re heading into the home stretch for our five day Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection Trivia Challenge but we still have a few more opportunities for you to win!!

The special contest began on November 15, 2011 to celebrate the release of the Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection. Since that day, the TomCruise.com team has showcased each of the five films in the set  ‘War of the Worlds,’ ‘Collateral,’ ‘Minority Report,’ ‘Days of Thunder’ and ‘Top Gun’ and then challenged you with a trivia question about that day’s featured movie. One person per day who posts the correct answer to the current trivia challenge in the comments section below will win their very own Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection!

The Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection not only includes five fan favorite films but also provides an array of bonus features, such as deleted scenes, cast interviews, behind-the-scenes video clips and director commentary.

So far, we have featured a ‘‘Minority Report’ Trivia Challenge,’ a ‘Collateral’ Trivia Challenge and a ‘Days of Thunder’ Trivia Challenge. Today, we have challenging ‘War of the Worlds’ trivia question.

No need to run and hide to find the answer to the fourth Trivia Challenge! We got your back (and not in the creepy armed neighbor way like Tim Robbins’ character in the film)! Today’s trivia challenge question:

When Ray’s ex-wife drops off their kids for the weekend she comments on a car engine in Ray’s kitchen. What type of car engine is it?

Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg first collaborated on ‘Minority Report’ and they continued their successful partnership with a modern adaption of the 1938 H.G. Wells Mercury Radio Theatre science fiction thriller, ‘War of the Worlds.’ In the action-packed film, divorced dad, ‘Ray Ferrier,’ (Tom Cruise) tries to protect his children (Dakota Fanning and Justin Chatwin) as carnivorous aliens invade the world. The Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection bonus features for ‘War of the Worlds’ include a series of production diaries, “We Are Not Alone” clip-fest and production notes as well as several featurettes focused on previous adaptations of the story, the film score and behind-the-scenes footage.

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Thank you so much to everyone who has been participating! You totally rock!! Be sure to check back here on Monday for the FINAL Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection trivia question about ‘Top Gun’!

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