Race into Day 3 of the Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection Trivia Challenge With ‘Days of Thunder’

We have a winner! Game over, all entries are CLOSED!

Congratulations to user ‘Alexandra Fechete (@buticut)’ who entered the correct answer FIRST! We will be contacting you to give you your ‘Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection’

For all of you who are curious about the correct answer to our Trivia Challenge question below, here it is!

Q: Name all of the logos that appear on Harry Hogge’s hats in the ‘Days of Thunder’ trailer.

A: The logos are: Purolator, Georgia Bulldogs, and the American Flag

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The TomCruise.com team has been blown away by how many of you have jumped right into these trivia challenges when we launched our five day Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection Trivia Challenge on November 15, 2011. Well done everyone!!

As we head into the third day of our special contest to celebrate release of the Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection, we continue to showcase each of the five films in the set   (‘War of the Worlds,’ ‘Collateral,’ ‘Minority Report,’ ‘Days of Thunder’ and ‘Top Gun’) and then challenge you with a trivia question about that day’s featured movie with one winner per day receiving a Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection!

In addition to the five films, the Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection also has plenty of bonus features, such as deleted scenes, cast interviews, behind-the-scenes video clips and director commentary.

So far, we have featured a ‘‘Minority Report’ Trivia Challenge’ and a ‘Collateral’ Trivia Challenge but today it’s all about the romantic drama, ‘Days of Thunder!’

We promise no one will get hurt if you decide not to play along! Buckle your seat belt, the third Trivia Challenge:

Name all of the logos that appear on Harry Hogge’s hats in the ‘Days of Thunder’ trailer below?

Don’t forget, when you figure out the answer to today’s question; post your correct answer in the blog comment section below for a chance to win the Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection.


After the stellar success of ‘Top Gun,’ director Tony Scott and Tom Cruise joined forces again for the 1990 stock car racing flick, ‘Days of Thunder.’ Tom plays the confident ‘Cole Trickle,’ a rising star on the racing circuit. On his way to the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, ‘Cole’ must triumph over tough competition, including his own physical limitations. ‘Days of Thunder’ stars Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall, Michael Rooker, Cary Elwes, Randy Quaid and Nicole Kidman. The Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection bonus features include the theatrical trailer.

When you find out the correct answer to today’s ‘Days of Thunder’ Trivia Challenge, post it in the comment section below ASAP! Please remember, answers posted anywhere other than in this blog post’s comment section will not qualify - sorry!

Thanks so much for playing and your continued support! Come back here tomorrow for the FOURTH Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection trivia question!

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